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Every woman has inhibitions about her appearance. There are usually one or two (hopefully you’re not being hard on yourself with more!) issues that we fixate on and wish we could change.

Many of these issues are the same for most woman – flabby arms, yellow teeth or fine lines. Luckily, we’ve been able to find a few solutions to the most common beauty problems:

Chicken wing arms

Chicken wings, also known as bat or bingo wings, (stop), are the bane of many women’s lives. They refer to the loose skin hanging from the underside of your upper arm, and are the reason many women avoid short sleeves! But to start waving your wings goodbye, all you need is 2 bottles of water. With a bottle of water in each hand as weights, lift your elbows to your temples with your elbows bent and the bottles behind you. You want to keep your elbows by your ears for the entire workout. Extend your arms and reach to the ceiling 95% without locking, then lower back down behind you again. Do as many as you can until you feel the burn!

Moisturiser and exfoliation can also do wonders. Give your arms a scrub while in the shower every few days and follow with a good amount of moisturiser.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Of all beauty problems, lines and wrinkles get the most airtime. Whether it’s ads for anti-wrinkle cream or just women in films complaining about “getting old”.

Fine lines and wrinkles are unavoidable. As we grow older our skin becomes thinner and dryer. As it weakens so does its elasticity, resulting in fine lines. We can, however, take some simple steps to ensure our skin is always hydrated and protected from external damage. Many fine lines are due to dehydration, according to beauty experts. Keeping up your moisture levels (on the inside as well as the outside) can make a real difference, so drink plenty of water!

A good cleansing routine should help combat any impurities and toxin build-up, which could accelerate the damage to our skin cells, resulting in loss of elasticity of the epidermis. Another major contributor to skin ageing is, of course, the sun. Sun damage is easily avoided by using a sunscreen and ensuring our daily moisturiser has a minimum SPF of 15.

Stained teeth

If you’re a big tea, coffee or red wine drinker, then your teeth will probably be showing a bit of wear and tear. All you can really do for this one is stick to a good routine of brushing your teeth – after every meal if possible. At least try to floss between meals if you can’t brush. Choose a mouthwash with anti-bacterial agents, as this will reduce stain-catching plaque. If you’re looking for whitening products, beware of abrasives which could strip the enamel from your teeth. Consult your dentist first.

Love handles

You probably don’t want to hear it, but we all know that the best way to tone the wobbly bits is to take up some form of exercise. Swimming, aerobics, or even just getting off the bus one stop earlier every day, will boost your spirit and immune system, as well as help you tone up those undesired areas.

Nasty nails

Brittle and discoloured nails are a common beauty hang-up, which can easily be resolved. Cut your nails short and straight to allow them to strengthen. Use a rich hand cream regularly to ensure your hands and cuticles are nourished at all times. Go for a professional manicure, or sit down in front of the telly and give yourself one, once a fortnight until your nails feel stronger. You can also use almond oil on the nails themselves for a quick and effective strengthener.

Rough feet

Considering the amount of work our feet get to do, we don’t always give them the best footwear to do it in. This can result in very dry and rough skin. To combat this problem, simply soak your feet regularly, then exfoliate with a pumice stone. Follow this by massaging your feet with foot cream to restore hydration into the skin, then pop on a pair of socks as you go to bed. You’ll wake up with smoother, softer feet. For a real treat, get a pedicure or give yourself one. And remember to put your feet up – quite literally – to ease tiredness.

Eye bags

Our eyes get tired, particularly the morning after the night before! There are some fabulous eye masks and gels we can use to rehydrate and refresh tired eyes but there is also a home remedy that is a well-kept industry secret: the potato slice. Yes, you heard right. Slice a potato and place it over your eyes for ten minutes. Any puffiness will disappear.


Bad breath is a common problem that bothers a lot of people. The main weapon against it is to try to maintain a healthy, clean mouth. So floss once a day, brush your teeth after every meal and use mouthwash to destroy any bacterial build-up. If you can’t brush your teeth that often, there are other options. Rinsing your mouth – even if only with water – and spitting out is one of them, another is to chew gum after meals, which will do the job on the run.


Blushing can be uncomfortable and embarrassing at the best of times. It can happen to us for a number of different reasons: hormonal changes, stress, and even certain foods! A good concealer and foundation ‘cocktail’ will cover up the problem: start with a concealer, then dab the compact onto it with a sponge to camouflage. Ultimately the best cure against blushing is to be open about it, as nervousness only adds to the condition. Breathe in, relax and rejoice in the fact that blushing can be cute…

What’s your favourite beauty hack?

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