Eyeliner to Suit Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner can make or break a look. Whether it compliments your eyeshadow or assists a volumizing mascara, you just can’t beat it. Knowing what shapes and lines compliment your eye shape will really take you to the next level. 

There are 5 common eye shapes:

  • Almond Eyes: almond-shaped eyes generally have a smaller eyelid and are longer in width than they are round, and slightly turn upwards in the outer corners.
  • Round Eyes: To determine if you have round eyes, look in the mirror at your crease. If you have round eyes, your crease will always be noticeable. 
  • Monolid Eyes: If you don’t have much of a crease where your eyelids meet the skin below your eyebrows that is an indication if you have monolid eyelids. 
  • Downturned Eyes: The mirror will be a key tool in determining your eye shape. When you look at your eyes in the mirror, if your outer–corner points downward, you have down-turned eyes. 
  • Hooded Eyes: Hooded eyes are very common; they have the appearance of a small flap of skin under each eyebrow, covering more of the mobile eyelid.  

Once you know what eye shape you have, you can get started on eyeliner. Eyeliner may take some practice to perfect but once you master it, you have it for life.


Check out our eyeliner tricks to really make your eyes pop!

Almond Eye

Almond eyes are the most desired eye shape for makeup lovers as it is easy to play around with ideas. If you really do want to make your almond eyes pop we suggest trying the cat eye and winged liner, from dramatic to subtle.  

Both looks use thin lines in the inner corner of the eye. The line gradually gets thicker as you move towards the outer corner of the eye. If you have almond shaped eyes, it is best to avoid eyeliner along the waterline in dark shades as it can close the eyes and make them appear smaller.  

Round Eyes

The beautiful bright and large eyes! Eyeliner can be used to create an illusion that will enhance the round eye shape. You can use liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pencil, but the trick is to create an illusion of added width by drawing attention to the outer–eye area.

Start with a line one third from the outer corner of the eye, trace the lash line just past your outer corner and into a flick to widen eyes while giving the illusion of an almond shape.  


When it comes to a monolid the thicker the line the better! We suggest using a pencil and running a line across the whole lid and smudge the line up. This will widen and brighten your eyes.


Downturned eyes can be lifted simply with eyeliner. How do you do this? Add a 45 degree flick and the end on your classic liner!

We suggest starting as a thin line and slowly thickening the line as you draw across the lid. To determine the length of your flick, use the outer corner of your eye and the end of your eyebrow as a guide.  


The aim with hooded eyes is to open and widen them. Drawing focus to the outer corner will really help with this. 

The best way to perfect this is to draw a thin line from the inner corner stopping ⅓ in, then attach a thick vertical wing to the outer corner. Using fast drying eyeliner will help stop transfers and bleeding.

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