Does Your Man Know How to Put an Outfit Together?

When women like yourself go to all the trouble of dressing up, you need the perfect accessory – a well-dressed man! There’s nothing worse than walking out looking like a million dollars and seeing your man looking like he’s dressed himself from the local op shop! Never fear…. I am here to help!

You probably know what I’m about to tell you, but he probably doesn’t, so I’m going to explain this from a male perspective. We think and see things differently than you lovely ladies.

These 4 outfit ideas are about matching pieces, it’s extremely simple and gives the potential for him to create many outfit combinations of his own.

1. Create outfits using 2 or 3 colours

 This is the first thing I teach to men when styling them. Most of them literally have no idea but are grateful for the information. They simply don’t know. So, although we know you can wear outfits with 1 to 4 colors, for the sake of simplicity let’s start them with the simple and in my opinion the most stylish clothes; 2 or 3 colour outfits.

Now most guys’ outfits will only have 3 to 5 pieces of clothing depending on the weather and the occasion; shoes, pants, belt, top and jacket. So, adhering to this styling idea he will have to learn to colour match some of his items together to keep the total colours to 2 or 3. It’s not rocket science!

2. Match shoes to top

 Now he knows 2 or 3 colours make up an outfit, he needs to know what pieces will match together. Matching his shoes to his top is a very simple way of creating a stylish outfit. Want to add a jacket with this? Add a black layer or add a cohering colour. Easy peasey.

3. Match shoes to jacket

This 3 colour 5-piece outfits will looks amazing even when the  jacket is off. Can you see your man in this?

4. Match belt to pants or shoes

 These two methods work when his top/shirt is tucked in showing off his belt. For a more casual vibe he can match the belt to his pants. As an example I use this when wearing white trainers as I don’t like white belts. I blend the belt in with my jeans or chinos. For a more polished and dressier look especially when wearing leather or suede shoes I match my belt to my shoes. But please make sure the browns are of similar colour otherwise it looks weird.


If he’s interested in learning and are willing to spend time on him, you could flat lay a few outfits out on the floor and see how many outfits you both can come up with. You can create loads of outfits in minutes, just start swapping stuff out and start clicking.

Photograph the flat lays on his phone and then put them in an album called “outfits” so he can access them quickly. I guarantee if you show him these outfit ideas he’ll be buzzing and who knows might come up with some great outfits.

We want to see what you and your boo come up with, send us a pic!

simon scottWritten by Simon Scott

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Simon is a menswear stylist with a love of travel, working out and getting dressed up! He has a passion for helping men dress better and there is nothing he loves more than seeing a well dressed couple out together.


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