Beach Day Must-Haves

Ladies, get excited. Get on that perfect bikini and your favourite aviators because the weather is gooood and with that comes beach days!

Is there anything better than hanging out with your girls, talking, sneaking a little peek at the boys and relaxing? There are a few essentials you need to take with you down to the beach which will help you look and feel like a goddess all day long.

A good hair oil

Spending time at the beach means the salt water will give your hair a bit of a shake up. Hair is like a magnet for salt water so having a good oil to put into your hair is essential. A hair oil will hydrate it and give your hair a bit of relief after being near the ocean. You can either massage it in before you go so that it acts as a barrier and the salt water will slip right off or massage afterwards to rehydrate and nourish. They don’t have to be expensive either – coconut oil is one of the most hydrating oils and easily available.

A kimono

Having a beach cover-up is perfect for when you just want to relax in the sun and not feel too exposed. It provides a little more cover for your body from the sun and a little more warmth so you dont get goosebumps when you come straight out of the water.

A cooler bucket bag

We all know that you need a cooler bag to keep your water (or wine) cool from the sun however it is THE BEST place to leave your makeup too. Makeup can melt, and I’ve learnt the hard way so you don’t have to (RIP MAC Ruby woo!).

Micellar wipes

These are one of the best multi items you can have in your bag. Never underestimate how good you will feel by giving your face one swift wipe over after spending hours in the sun. It will instantly wake you up and give you a refreshed feeling. It will also quickly remove that stale eyeliner that feels cemented onto your eyeball encrusted with salt water.

Hydrating face mist

Having a bottle of hydrating face mist in your beach bag will also be the perfect ‘wake me up’. Most face mists contain rosewater. Rose actually acts as a cooling agent. This means it’s the perfect thing to cool down your face if you have been sun-kissed by the sun.

A floppy hat

These are practical and beautiful. They provide shade for your face and around the back of your neck and are so stylish it’s a win-win! They’re also great to hide under and have a nap in the sun without the fear of waking up burnt to a crisp!

What are your beach essentials that you take to the beach every time? Start getting ready girls, summer is so close I can taste it!

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Written by Analesha Little

A beauty guru with a love for travel, wine and Uber Eats, Analesha enjoys writing about everything from makeup to motherhood and all the sassy bits in between. 

Favourite quote: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”


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