Why Now is the Best Time to ask for a Pay Rise

If you’ve been eyeing up a pay rise or pondering the move to a four-day work week now might be the perfect time to ask!

With borders closed job listings are at an all-time high, meaning workers now have the power to negotiate with their boss – or get a better deal somewhere else.

According to the latest Workforce Insights Report from recruiter PERSOLKELLY priorities have changed post Covid . With the option to work remotely, health & wellbeing support and better pay all top of the list.

It’s a shift that’s seeing more people go after what they want from their 9 to 5, but what’s the best way to approach these tricky conversations with your employer without things turning sour? 

Wendy Hewson, General Manager of PERSOLKELLY shares her top tips for success. 

  1. Be prepared – think about what you really want beforehand, be it a few days working from home, a salary increase, or flexible hours 
  2. Show your commitment – tell them why you want to stay long term and what you like about the company to prove it 

Hot tip: when interviewing for a new job do your research, say what you like about the company (beyond the perks!) and why you think you’re a good fit

  1. Don’t go for the jugular – if seeking a pay rise present this in a professional and polite manner and never use ultimatums whatever you’re asking for 
  2. Be smart about it – benefits like a company car or a 9-day fortnight for the same pay are more likely to get across the line than a salary jump (much of which would be eaten up by tax anyway!)   
  3. Have a plan – show what you are prepared to bring to the table and how you want to progress in the company. Ask “what do I need to do to get to the next step?” or how your boss can help you get there 
  4. Don’t overplay your hand – know what you’re good at and articulate your achievements and contributions over the last 12 months but be careful not to oversell it

For more insights into what businesses and employees are prioritising post-pandemic check out the full report here


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