The Style Saviour to banish #WFH distractions


Struggling to find that zen-like, focus inducing #WFH ( Work From Home ) space you had imagined? We’ve got the solution to creating an illusion of calm in the chaos.

While the idea of working from home for another few weeks might seem daunting to those enduring a make-shift home office situation, there’s no need to fret. Freedom Furniture has the ultimate hack to make you look like you’re winning at lockdown life (even if you’re not).

Freedom’s designer backgrounds for Zoom allow you to hide whatever is happening in the back of your call, whether it be boisterous pets, bored children, nosey flatmates or even just that laundry pile you haven’t quite got around to yet.

Simply find a ‘room’ to suit your style and avoid any tricky near-miss moments or embarrassing video call blunders. With freedom backgrounds you can finally get through that all-important meeting without interruption and even look like you’ve managed to find time to tidy the house.

Mix up Friday drinks and share your interior style with your friends and colleagues. Why not get everyone to pick their favourite room to hang out in for your next after work drinks?

Whether it’s work or wine time, freedom’s designer backgrounds are the perfect way to escape your bubble before it bursts!  To get started, head to the Freedom Furniture Facebook page and download your favourite background image here.

  1. Next, log in to the Zoom app and click the profile button in the top right corner > click Settings
  2. Click Choose Virtual Background and if prompted, download the Green Screen Installer, if not continue to next step
  3. Click the plus icon in the right-hand corner > click Add Image
  4. Select your chosen background image from the downloads folder and click Open
  5. Your backgrounds are now ready to go for your next Zoom meeting!


What is your biggest #WFH distraction?

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