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Human foods to keep away from your dog

We all know that dogs shouldn't eat chocolate, but are you aware of the other common human foods that you should ...
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6 ways to stress-less about money

Solve financial worries with these budgeting tips to help you prepare a family budget and save money ...
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kitchen tools

10 cooking gadgets you NEED

Some cooking gadgets are worth the splurge. Here’s 10 essential cooking appliances and utensils including a Kitchenaid and Bamix stick blender ...
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5 Most Common Makeup Stains And How To Remove Them

Is there anything more frustrating than accidentally smearing your picture-perfect makeup on to your clothes, upholstery or bedding? Grab these tips ...
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paint brush

How to remove paint stains

Discover top tips for paint stain removal. Learn how to remove stubborn paints and painting stains from clothing, fabrics, carpet, and ...
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desk terrarium

DIY desk terrarium

Desk terrariums are a great way to liven up your work space or your home and the best part is, you ...
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new year planner

Get organised for the New Year

Want to get organised for the New Year? Here’s how to get your home and closet organised, take care of clutter ...
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lemon natural cleaner

Lemons: the secret cleaning superpower

There are so many natural products that have proven to be powerful cleaners, and the latest that we've jumped on is ...
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scented candle

DIY mason jar candle

Candles are a great way to decorate your home and also make wonderful gifts. Try this easy recipe to make your ...
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Composting Tips For The Beginner Eco Warrior

Composting is basically nature’s ultimate recycling! It can seem a bit daunting to begin with, but actually composting can be quite ...
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Hosting dinner

Hosting a dinner party

When hosting a dinner party there are a huge number of details that, when ironed out in advance, can mean a ...
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