Tips To Help You Warm Your Home This Winter

After a glorious autumn filled with sunshine and warm days, winter has arrived.  Some of us out there are true winter worshipers and adore it when the mercury plummets.  We can’t wait to bring out our new tights, thick sweaters and stylish scarves. 

Yes, a wardrobe change-up can be a fun part of a season switch but the downside is that lower temps can increase your electric bill.  The spike in electrical bills when you plug in heaters and turn on those heat pumps are painful for your wallet. Here you will find a mix of easy tips to keep you warm this winter.

Windows are a clear issue when it’s cold

Older windows, especially those made with wood, can have crevasses where wind can sneak inside. There are easy-breezy to install affordable kits (available for around $35) at home improvement stores that simply require a hair dryer that will cover your windows in plastic.

Use your craft skills

Fire up your sewing machine and make a series of door draught stoppers. They will prevent air from seeping in from the outside and into living and sleeping areas. You can fill them with cheap materials such as rice to achieve the density and weight necessary to block draughts.

Fans during winter can keep you warm

If you have them, reverse the direction on your ceiling fans. This will push the hot air down as it rises and helps to recirculate air throughout the house.

Shift furniture and decor around

You may need to shift furniture and decor around once it is time to turn on the heat. Even a misplaced shelf can block the warmth from a heater or pump as you warm the house. Moving furniture that may be blocking vents will not only give your room an aesthetic refresh but will also allow the heat to flow in a more efficient manner.

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Keep your water heater from cooling

Specially designed thermal “blankets” are a cheap (around $50 at most home improvement retailers) and a useful way to keep your water heater warm. Simply wrap this specially made product around the cylinder and it won’t have to work as hard to heat the water from zero, every time it refills after every warm bubble bath or steamy shower. The wrap reduces heat loss through the hot water cylinder, keeping water hotter for longer and allowing significant savings in water heating costs. 

Have a heating strategy

Open doors invite draughts. When possible, keep doors to rooms closed so there is less space for heat to disperse. Closing curtains when the sun is starting to set will act as a buffer to the chilly temperatures outside as they drop at night.

Keep your oven open

Are you serving up a hot roast dinner or a hearty casserole?  Leave the oven door open when you have finished cooking. It will give the room a warm blast of air that will linger for up to an hour. Obviously, this is not a great option if you have little kids around so think safety first!

If you are not a fan of the cold, winter comes with some challenges. By embracing these easy tips or, it will be so much easier to keep warm.  Plus, your savings on electricity will mean you can add some fun new pieces to your winter wardrobe.

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This article was written for Her World by the team at Barfoot & Thompson.


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