Simple Method to make a DIY Mask using a $5 Bandanna that Helps Young People with Cancer

We have all heard of CanTeen before. They a charity who sells bandanas for young people who suffer from cancer. During this pandemic Canteen are encouraging kiwis to use their bandanas as facial coverings. As the past year has been very scary and uneasy for those young people having to be hospitalised with their cancer treatments. Do your part and help the next generation of kiwis today!

Canteen have given us a step by step tutorial on how to make your facial covering out of one of their beautiful masks.

What you need – Canteen bandanna and two elastics bands

Folder the bandanna in half

Fold each long edge into the middle

Repeat – again, fold the long sides into the middle

Thread the elastic bands over each end of the bandanna

Fold the short edges into the middle

Tuck the short edges into the middle folded flap

Pop on your new face mask

How have you been protecting you and your family?

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