4 Ways To Stay Connected

If you are a social butterfly like me, you’ll be finding being in isolation super difficult. Maybe you miss your bestie (me too), family members or even your weekly Saturday night drink with the girls! Don’t fret though, we have some amazing ways to stay connected during social distancing.

  1. Zoom

Everybody and their mum has heard of Zoom! Zoom is a conference calling site where you can talk to up to 1000 people in one call! If you have that many friends, I’m jealous!

What can you do other than just chat on zoom? Well here are some ideas!

  • Host a Quiz night!

It’s finally time to see who is the smartest out of the bunch! You can do this weekly by having one person or a couple act as hosts and ask the questions. You can make it themed like a movie quiz, a flag quiz, a general knowledge quiz, maybe even a math quiz. Get all of your friends along, get all dressed up and battle on!

  • Girls drinks night!

Friday night drinks night with the girls! Dress up, put your makeup on and grab that bottle of wine. Sit down and chat about what you’re up to + use this as a chance to do a wellness check-in on your girls.

  • Charades!

I know this sounds stupid, but it’s a lot of fun! – just like being a kid again. Get all of your friends involved and see who is the best mime!

  1. Netflix Party

Have a special TV show you like to watch with friends? Well now there is Netflix party which is a new add-on to the streaming site. You can watch movies, TV shows and documentaries with all of your friends – it synchronizes video playback and adds group chat so you can watch it together and chat at the same time.

  1. Workout together!

Do you have a gym buddy? Well good thing apps like Skype and Facetime exist because you can still get in shape together. You can motivate, help and set goals together and even get outside and push each other along.

  1. Take a dance class!

A lot of choreographers from around the world are offering live stream classes on Instagram, Zoom and Facebook. Keep up to date on your favourite teachers and see when they are offering their next class. Why not get your friends on a Zoom call and take the class together?! Some teachers ask for a small payment of $5NZD to $15NZD but who wouldn’t want to laugh at their friends for looking stupidly insane or amazing for a small price! Plus, it’s a workout on its own.

In this time of social distancing, we are lucky to have access to the internet and video calling. We can stay connected and do these amazing things together from the comfort of our own homes! Pj’s optional.

SophiaWritten by Sophia Ivory

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