20 Cheap and Quick Ways To Improve The Kerb Appeal Of Your Home

Whether you are about to put your place on the market, or you just want to upstage your neighbours, here are some quick and cheap ways to spruce up your property with ease and without breaking the bank.

1.  Paint your door an eye-catching colour.  This costs around only $150 and is an easy DIY project

2.  Green is great!  Add some flowers or hanging baskets for a touch of mother nature on your porch.  Annuals grow quickly, are inexpensive and bloom for longer.

3.  Get new house numbers.  If yours are looking dated or rusty this is an affordable fix for a front of house facelift.

4.  Tidy Up!  Removing things like cobwebs and a quick wash down with a hose makes your front -of -the house look fresh as a daisy!

5.  Purchase a new mailbox.  Usually, an afterthought, a new place to put your post can replace an existing one that is likely old and tired looking.

6.  Pave the way!  Beckon guests to your front door by placing paver stones up to your stairs.  These can also reduce the amount of mud being tracked into your entranceway.

7.  Groomed garden beds indicate a well-maintained home. Weed out invasive plants and spread a few bags of mulch. The mulch will hold moisture and lessen the amount of weeds.

8.  For a polished professional look, you can accomplish on your own, mow the lawn and trim the edge. 

9. Hide the clutter.  Recycle and rubbish bins should be hidden away in the garage or on the side of the house.


10.  Take care of minor cracks in your driveway by patching or resealing it yourself.  It’s not as hard as it sounds and there are plenty of YouTube videos to show you how.

Determine how much sealant you’ll need by using the length and width of your driveway to calculate its area.  Always buy a bit more since some areas will absorb more than others. 

11.  Let there be light!  If you cannot afford new light fixtures you can try spray-painting old ones for a fraction of the cost.

12.  Get some door decor!  Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas and can add a bit of charm.

13.  Painting your garage door instantly refreshes the overall look.

14.  The addition of a porch swing provides a lovely spot to hang out and makes your place look homey.  

15.  Let the sun shine!  Add some solar lights along the front walkway or some low-voltage lights near your front flower beds for a warm welcoming glow.

16.  Paint shutters and window frames for a quick spruce-up.

17.  Cover cement porches with earthy, unique, natural slate tiles which are actually surprisingly affordable.

18.  If you have a bulky air-conditioning unit sitting on the ground then place a small fence around it to keep it hidden.

19.  Power washing your roof can make that unsightly moss and mould a thing of the past.

20.  Adding moulding around your front doors and porch windows acts like an architectural eyeliner providing sleek lines. 

Since spring is just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you will coordinate your outside maintenance strategy.  Embracing just one or two of these tips can make a world of difference in making your property look polished. With a few minor improvements, you can majorly improve your home’s curb appeal.

This article was written for Her World by the team at Barfoot & Thompson.

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