Winter Is Here, So Support Your Immune Defences Naturally

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Winter is here and we all know that there are viruses circulating. We all know the importance of good hand washing to avoid spreading winter illnesses. However, don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy immune system.

A healthy immune system is better at recognising harmful microbes in your body and fighting them before they multiply and take over. Hence it’s a good idea to support your immune system.

So, how can we help look after our immune system naturally?

Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration is a top contender for feeling unwell during the colder months. A dehydrated body is an unhealthy body, which makes you an easier target for illness. We often forget to drink our fluids in winter, but using indoor heating can be just as dehydrating as the sun in the summertime. Try keeping a bottle of room temperature water with you at all times. Or, you can start adding herbal teas, sweetened with a little Comvita Mānuka Honey to your routine for that warm start in the morning. Comvita Mānuka Honey and warm water is a great way to keep the kids’ liquid intake up too.

Level up your antioxidant game 

Antioxidants play a key role in supporting your immune system. Try adding some antioxidant-rich foods to your diet or include spices like turmeric, ginger or garlic to your favourite dishes. Our fave dish is making a big pot of chicken soup, filled with garlic and turmeric. You can literally sip your way to a well-supported immune system.

You could also look for antioxidant supplements like Comvita Olive Leaf Extract* for everyday support. Olive Leaf has traditionally been used to support the body’s natural immune system function. The polyphenols found in olive leaf are also known as antioxidants and, in fact, olive leaves contain around 60 times more beneficial polyphenols than olive oil! So you would need to consume one cup of high quality extra virgin olive oil to get the same amount of antioxidants as a daily dose of Comvita Olive Leaf Extract!

It’s made from fresh-picked leaves grown on specialist olive leaf farms. They use proprietary cultivation and extraction methods to protect the naturally-occurring polyphenols found in the leaves.

Take a supplement for immune support

As well as Olive Leaf Extract there are plenty of different supplements and vitamins available that can help support your immune system. Bee Propolis contains over three hundred powerful bioactive flavonoids and phenolics and is traditionally known to be one of nature’s most powerful immune system supports. Flavonoids and phenolics are potent antioxidants typically found in brightly coloured fruits and green vegetables that fight disease and damage in the body, and work to support our wellbeing. The amount of flavonoid content in eight cups of spinach is the same amount of flavonoids as found in a daily serving of Comvita propolis. Taken daily, Comvita Propolis Herbal Elixir* may help provide natural, potent immune support.

Reduce sugar

We’re not saying no sugar, just less sugar. During the winter months chocolate and sweet hot drinks are very tempting, but too much sugar may suppress the immune system by dampening down the ability of the white blood cells to attack foreign invaders. So maybe it’s best to sometimes just say no to the extra treats or sweeten with Comvita Mānuka Honey rather than sugar where possible. If you are already feeling a tickle in your throat, Comvita has just the thing for you. Comvita Mānuka Honey Lozenges with Propolis* are sure to soothe the throat naturally, with no added drugs.

Don’t forget that Vitamin D

It can be hard to get outside and soak up some sun in the winter months, but we all need this natural mood-booster to keep our hormones level. A lack of sunshine and Vitamin D can lead you down a path of seasonal lows and potentially unpleasant winter bugs, When the sun makes an appearance try to bundle up and go for a walk. Or if that isn’t an option, try to consume foods with plenty of Vitamin D, like oranges.

* Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Comvita® Olive Leaf High Strength Capsules contain lecithin from soy and sulphites from gelatin Comvita® Propolis Herbal Elixir and Comvita® Mānuka Honey Lozenges with Propolis contain propolis, which can cause severe allergic reactions.

Comvita® products are available from your local Countdown, selected New World, and PAK’nSAVE stores, Life Pharmacies, Unichem and independent pharmacies.


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