Get out of your dinnertime rut!

We all know the pain of wandering round the supermarket after work, hungry, but not sure what you feel like. Then leaving $70 poorer with a pile of random items that won’t last two days!

Eat Better Dinners gives you new ideas every week to help you get organise dinner without having to think about it.

Think of it as the inspiration of food boxes, without the price, waste, and inflexibility. Sure—food boxes come in handy, but they’re also quite restrictive. What if you want…options?

Weeknight dinners don’t need to be complicated. So, we uncomplicated them!

Every week you’ll receive an email with 3 new meals, recipes, shopping lists, and protein swaps. All of our Eat Better dinners are fully customisable, easy to prepare, and full of flavour.

With Eat Better Dinners, you have the freedom. You control what you need to buy based on what you’ve already got on hand at home. And, you can still cook your favourites!

eat better dinners

We simply take the pain away of dreaming up new ways to cook quick weeknight staples each week.

What can you expect after you sign up for Eat Better Dinners?

  • Less weeknight stresses. When you know what you’re cooking for dinner, life gets easier. (It just does.)
  • Flexibility. Picky eater? Trying to eat less salt? Need a gluten-free option? Having extra people over? Eat Better Dinners can handle it.
  • Less waste. Food box delivery subscriptions use tremendous amounts of plastic packaging, wrapping, and cardboard. With Eat Better Dinners, there’s none of that.
  • Delicious food. Our meals focus on fresh, in season, and nutrient-dense ingredients, all of which are naturally delicious and easy to prepare.  Check out a recent dinner idea here!

Eat Better Dinners gives you a chance to enjoy endless dinner possibilities once again.

For about the cost of a takeaway coffee each week, we plan your dinners. Choose a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now at Eat Better Dinners and let’s get cooking! Use the code ‘HERWORLD’ for 20% off the life of your subscription.

Yours in happy eating,

The Eat Better Dinners team


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