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I marathoned all 4 of these books, neglected everything else in my life and have zero regrets. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these were really tender and romantic…especially given how often everyone is getting naked.

If you like romance, sex, hockey, weird euphemisms and laugh out loud fun, then this is a series for you.

While all of these books are a part of a series and feature recurring characters, you could technically read books 1 – 3 as standalone novels. I would however recommend that if you want to pick up book 4 (Forever Pucked) that you read book 1 (Pucked) to see that couples origin story – it’s really worth it.


“I love his penis. I want to give it a sponge bath and dress it up like a superhero.”

Violet and Alex:

Our super sexy couple meet through Violet’s brother Buck who plays in the same professional hockey team as Alex.

From the very start I was in love with Violet. She has a loud mouth and no filter and I was all about her from the very first page. I don’t think I’ve read a character as outrageously hilarious as Vi. An uninhibited soul, Vi has no problem describing in graphic detail about all the things she wants to do to Alex and have him do to her.

Alex is of course a ripped sex god with great banter to go with his chiseled bone structure.

“I’m here because I want to be with you, and no other reason.”

Buck and Sunny: 

Buck is a whole other character in this book. The step-brother of Vi, he begins a torrid love affair with Sunny, the sister of Alex – they keep it all in the family in this series.

Buck was a bit of an asshole in book 1 so I was really surprised to see him be sweet and nurturing in this book. He certainly has a very open relationship with his sister and I cringed at some of the very personal details Vi and Buck would openly share with each other. TMI people, TMI.

Of course Buck and Sunny share a revolutionary romance that comes with its own ups and downs.

pucked up

pucked over

“Randy looks like sex rolled in bacon and dipped in maple syrup.”

Randy and Lily:

I’m equal parts in love with Randy and equal parts in love with the guy on this cover. Damn!

Randy and Lily meet in a very embarrassing and slightly naked way – cue many descriptive dirty thoughts. This was the hottest out of all of the books. I really thought Randy and Lily were the best matched couple in this series and couldn’t help but laugh out loud at some of the hilarious things they get up to.

Like with the other books, there is some jealousy, some super hot sex in inappropriate places, a very cute romance and tattoos.

“Super MC is my beaver’s soulmate.”

Violet and Alex, again:

I love that we get to revisit this couple. As sex crazed and in love as ever, Forever Pucked is as hilarious and overtop as the other books in this series.

After an unfortunate accident sees Alex having to take a step back in his professional and personal life, we get to see a new tender side to Vi that I didn’t feel was present in book one. There is a lot of wedding planning, family scandals, sex in every location and the reappearance of all the couples from the previous books.

The ending is a nice little wrap up for two of my fave couples as well.

forever pucked

So if you can’t tell by now, I really enjoyed these books. I was a little worried about picking them up because a) the covers are not my jam and b) I don’t really like reading sport based books. Turns out these have a lot less hockey in them than you’d think for books about hockey players – but the romance is alive and well.

Written by Her World’s bookworm and entertainment editor

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