Women who are changing the world NOW

The women that have come before us have paved the way for our success. From working hard to get us the right to vote to empowering women to become business moguls, they’ve laid down the essential groundwork.

Of course, there are still issues around pay equality, sexism and women’s rights that need to be fixed – but our female power is strong – and there are still so many women around the world busting their asses to make sure we succeed as a gender.

Check out these 6 ladies who are putting in the work and are quickly becoming our icons, our legends and our role models.

Danica Roem

Roem was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, after beating her homophobic competition Robert Marshall. Roem who is in fact openly transgender, is the first openly transgender person to serve in any US state legislature. She should be an inspiration to us all. Her ability to get up again and again after she has been knocked down, shunned against and ashamed. This persistence is why women like us should be thankful to women like her.

Nadia Murad

Murad became the first Iraqi to be awarded a Nobel Prize in 2018. Murad had escaped from captivity, after three months of being held as a sex slave for members of ISIS in 2014. But instead of keeping her silence, she stood up to be a global figure in the human rights movement. Her quote of not “accepting the social codes that require women to remain silent and ashamed of the abuses to which they have been subjected.” This statement rose to fame, with her being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. She is also the first ever United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking. She is using her platform to educate people about what is happening in her home country, Iraq but she is also working effortlessly to spread word about what is still happening in our world. She is standing up for all women who were unable to speak up about an assault. She is making sure everyone knows what women have to go through, and how powerful we can be.

Mary Barra

Barra is the CEO of General Motors, this makes her the first female CEO of a major automobile manufacturer.

Barra’s interest and career in the auto industry started when she was 18 years old. She entered a General Motors technical school and 33 years later, Barra was named General Motors first female CEO. She is the first woman in the history of the auto industry to hold that position. She has navigated the auto giant through tough times in the industry. She is doing so well that General Motors fourth quarter earnings in 2019 were higher than originally expected by a small sum of TWO BILLION DOLLARS. Mary Barra is proving that there is no such thing as a male field, and that anything a man can do, women can do too. Barra is changing the game.

Jacinda Ardern

Do we even need to give Ardern a paragraph? She is the 40th prime minister of New Zealand and is doing one hell of a job. Since being elected in October of 2017, New Zealand has gone though many tough times. Including a mosque shooting, the pandemic of COVID-19 and a rise in child poverty. Jacinda has now become the most recognized and appreciated politician in the world. This is because of the way she carried herself and her country New Zealand, through many issues. Once a problem came to her attention, she was on to it straight away leading her people to a better, healthier and safer country. After the Mosque shooting, all semi-automatic guns were banned. Once COVID-19 arrived in New Zealand a quarantine was put in place within a matter of hours and to eliminate poverty. She made an announcement that packages including an increase in parental leave and a benefit to help lower income families was to be put in place to make sure children are safe, and secure, with her ultimate goal to have poverty line halved within a decade. This is the kind of leader we need. No economics talk, just love, support and encouragement to all.

Jazzmyne Robbins

Not many people know about Robins, she is a video producer at Buzzfeed Motion picture a large video and social media presence. She has a shaved head, wears bright lipstick, bold eyeliner, and is always in an iconic outfit, Jazzmyne Jay Robbins stands out from the crowd at 5’11”. The plus size model, activist, influencer, and Buzzfeed video producer spreads love and kindness to every person on her Instagram feed celebrating colour and curves. Her posts receive thousands of likes, whether she’s dancing around in her bedroom, or filming her first time killing it in a string bikini on the beach in Los Angeles.  She is a queer woman, normalizing the human body in its shapes and sizes and celebrating the fact we are all different. She is encouraging and influential towards every person who comes across her.

Jane Fonda

Fonda is an American actress, political activist, and former fashion model. But during the 1960s, Fonda engaged in political activism in support of the Civil Rights Movement, and in opposition to the Vietnam War. Since then she has been an influential activist for all. She is now in her 80’s and still fighting for women and men around the world. She has also had an influence towards the women’s rights activism. Through her work, Fonda said she wants to help abuse victims ” to realize that rape and abuse is not our fault”. Fonda said that her troubling past led her to become such a passionate activist for women’s rights. The actress is an active supporter of the V-Day movement, which works to stop violence against women and girls. Fonda’s acting career has taken several turns throughout her life, but her desire to effect change has remained. As her son, Troy Garity, has said that “She won’t stop. She’s on a mission. This intent to do well keeps her demons at bay.”

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