The Law Of Attraction

Although it’s starting to gain traction in the mainstream world, the ‘Law Of Attraction’ is still seen by some as a bit “hippy” or “out there”.

If you haven’t heard of it (or read the book/watched the movie ‘The Secret’ that made the idea famous), Law of Attraction, or LOA, in it’s simplest form is the concept that you have the ability to attract and manifest whatever you want in life – basically just by believing you already have it.

Sound good?

Obviously, there are many sceptics out there; after all, we’re taught to believe that things that sound too good to be true, usually are. However as someone who practices LOA (when I remember!) and has seen it in action, I’d argue that it is a thing … and isn’t necessarily as completely woo-woo as many people think. Although I definitely have a bit of hippy flavour running through my veins, studying towards a psychology degree also taught me to think critically and scientifically; so I’d like to think I can offer a reasonably balanced perspective.

law of attraction

So how does the Law of Attraction work?

Although I’m definitely not the expert on all things LOA, here’s my understanding of the concept: we’re all connected in some way, shape or form, and therefore are all part of a greater “thing” – which I personally tend to refer to as “the universe,” but you can call it whatever you like. Some people call it “Source” or “Consciousness”.

Because we are all connected, each of us has the power within us to manifest our thoughts into reality. Whatever we want in life, if we believe that we deserve it and believe we are capable of having it, then eventually it will come true.

Have you ever thought about someone randomly, then a couple days later you bump into them by chance? That’s LOA at work! It works by having a thought … and then basically letting the thought go and leaving it to the universe to do its work.

Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it can take a bit of a weird journey to get to – but if you really believe in it, according to LOA, then it will happen. The flipside though, is that if you constantly think negative thoughts and expect negative things to happen, then LOA will jump into action there, too. It doesn’t differentiate “good” or “bad” manifestations – so you need to be careful and conscious of your thought patterns.

Law of attraction

Why the Law of Attraction is actually a “thing”

So, it’s all well and good for me to say, “hey, I’ve tried this and it works!” When you really think about it though, it makes sense that it would.

There’s a concept in psychology called “confirmation bias”, which basically means that when we have an idea in our heads about something, then we’ll subconsciously look for confirmation that what we already believe is true. For example, say we have the belief that there are more white cars on the road than any other colour – we’ll subconsciously spot all the white cars and be less observant of other colours.

So in terms of LOA, if we consciously decide that we will get that dream job, we know it will happen, then we will actually subconsciously begin to not only notice things in our environment that confirm this is the case, but we’ll also start to act in ways that will lead us down this path as well. Because we know we’re getting that dream job, we’re more likely to upskill in the areas we need to, apply for the role, and have the confidence to nail the interview.

On the other side, if you have the belief that bad things always happen to you, you’re more likely to a) act in ways that bring these bad things on (subconsciously of course), and b) notice when bad things happen and disregard when good things happen. Makes sense, right?

Whether you believe LOA is the Universe at work, or just plain old psychological science, it’s easy to see how it can work in practice. The good news is, you don’t have to be into “that” sort of stuff to give it a go – in fact, plenty of highly successful people are advocates of the practice (just Google it to see some big names!). You literally have nothing to lose! Start with something small – for example, a free coffee (my favourite kind!). Imagine you’re given this free coffee. You can smell it. Feel the gratitude and excitement of being given this free coffee. Taste it. Really put yourself in that reality … and then let the thought go, and know that the Universe has your back!

Good luck!

Law of attraction

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Or would you give it a try?

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