6 ways to spice up your greens

From steaming to stir-frying, there are many different ways to lock in nutrients and bring out the delicious natural taste of veggies. Try these techniques next time you go green:


With no added oil or fat, this is the ultimate way to preserve flavour, texture and nutrients. An easy way to cook cabbage is to cut it into wedges and steam for 5-8 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, pour a simple sauce over the top, or sprinkle with some thinly sliced grilled lean bacon.


Nutritionally, you can’t get any better than raw vegetables. For a perfect pre-dinner snack, team celery sticks or snow peas with some low-fat hummus.

Stir frying

An excellent cooking method to keep veggies crunchy and lock in valuable nutrients. Using a non-stick wok means you don’t have to add oil – just sprinkle spices and herbs over the top for flavour, like some grated ginger.


Microwaving is like steaming – a top way to preserve nutrients. Place your favourite greens in a covered bowl with a splash of water. Cook in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Toss with soy sauce or lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.


Roasting isn’t just exclusive to root vegetables like potato, pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot. It’s also suitable to green vegetables too like brussel sprouts and zucchini. Roasting is one of the best ways to enhance flavour and texture in food.


Sautéing means cooking veggies for a short period of time over high heat, using little oil. Think onions and zucchini. It’s a great way to thoroughly cook the food whilst preserving the flavour and colour.


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