10 Things Every Woman Needs To Know

Being a woman is confusing and difficult. We think we know everything ( I know I do ) but really we don’t. But I think there are a few things us women need to know about our body, mind and life. I know I’m guilty of not taking advice but I think these are important… women supporting women!

1. There are only a handful of things that are more important than your health. 

Stay up to date with exams and tests. Go see your gyno, get a pap smear, and schedule annual appointments. If you are ever concerned about anything just ask. Because the truth is that doctors have seen it all before and they have probably dealt with worse things. Make health a top priority in your life! If you need a mental health day, go for it, we all need a break sometimes.

2. It is okay to enjoy, pursue and want sex

Embrace your sexuality it is a healthy thing to do. There is nothing wrong with having fantasies and desires, and it is even more okay to act on them in consensual ways.

3. Always pee after sex

And I can’t emphasise this enough! Peeing after sex gets rid of all the nasties you may have accumulated in your urethra. This can lead to a UTI (urinary tract infection) if left. These are not fun. Skip the cuddles for 5 mins and keep your body safe!

4. Do not apologise for being yourself

Never ever apologise for being you.

5. If you are waiting for someone to change, stop waiting they won’t

They clearly don’t see your worth… move on!

6. We all have rolls when we bend over and we all have eaten an entire bag of chips to ourselves

I have, many times…

7. Try not to compare. Focus on what makes you, you

We all want what we cant have. But never compare, you are the way you are for a reason.

8.  It is okay to put yourself first

By putting yourself first, you are able to see and meet your needs. This ultimately leads you to being a better help to others.

9. Believe in yourself and be bold 

Believing in yourself is very empowering. Make sure to surround yourself with people who feed your vision and build you up. Believe in your strength, bravery, and capability and have the ability to trust yourself and erase all self-doubts. Do not surround yourself with people who bring you down.

10. Your body is not weird 

HeeeyAssbutt said it best:

Boobs, bellies, legs, feet, ears, noses, EVERYTHING comes in all different sizes, shapes, and levels of hairiness. Quit judging yourself and others on the size of a thigh gap, how much belly comes out over the top of jeans, and how many damn chins someone has.

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