10 Gift Ideas For Your Partner

The hardest person to buy a gift for weirdly enough ends up being the person we spend most of our time with. So, what do you buy for your s/o? We have a few gifts that might put a smile on their dial.

  1. Maybe they want special time alone with you

Try the Lovehoney Wild Weekend Mega Couple’s Sex Toy Kit. With 11 specially selected toys for sexy fun in endless erotic combinations, including an all-time favourite rabbit vibrator and dinky butt plug for first-time anal fun, no two nights will ever be the same. Welcome to the weekend.


  1. Weighted Blanket

Does your partner struggle getting to sleep at night? Are they feeling a bit more anxious than normal this year? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Perfectly sized, comforting and ultra-calming, Sleep Heavy’s range of weighted blankets will help them get the sleep they need.


  1. Kitchen Lovers Dream

Does your hunny love cooking? We think you should deck them out in funky and cool kitchen tools that you know they will love! Whether that’s knives, a bread board maybe even a steak thermometer. You will definitely end up in their good books and maybe get a shout out in their cookbooks.

  1. Experiences!

Who doesn’t love doing fun things with their soulmate? Have they always wanted to skydive? Book it for them. Push them out of their comfort zone, but let them know you’ll be there to hold their hand!

  1. Rest and Relaxation

Maybe they deserve a day at the spa? Treat them to an all-day package including a massage and facial. Let them breath and just chill out for a day! I know I would love this!

  1. Tech Wiz

Maybe they’re obsessed with the latest tech! If so, noise cancelling headphones are always a win. Phone gadgets and computer accessories are always an easy gift! If their computer is looking a little sad a new wireless mouse and keyboard set will make them smile!

  1. Sneakerhead

Street style is so in! Every sneaker heads dream is to get their hands on the latest release. Stay up to date on the freshest release online and see what your partner is into and I promise they’ll love you forever! Just make sure they’re not going to buy them at the same time too!

  1. Keep it fancy

Is their wallet a little run down? Every one needs to have a staple wallet in their wardrobe so maybe it’s time to splurge on a good quality leather wallet or classic designer wallet. Sometimes we over look necessities, buying them a new wallet shows you notice the little things.

  1. Book-a-holic

Book loves love books! Check out your local book store for all the latest reads, or pick up some classics that they haven’t read before and let their mind wonder. Check out our Entertainment page for some reviews on some new releases!

  1. Just ask!

This kind of defeats the purpose. But if you really want to get them something they will be happy about, just ask! I love when people ask me, I always receive stuff that I need or want. There is nothing worse than you spending time and money on something special that will just sit unused.

TOP TIP: Please for my sake, if your partner likes receiving flowers, get them flowers every so often. Especially if they are having a bad day or received bad news.

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