Q+A with Ana Schwarz, creator of NZ’s first boozy gelato

It’s been a tough year for us all, but that hasn’t stopped MasterChef runner up and co-founder of Island Gelato Company Ana Schwarz from scooping up deliciously creative ventures that have us all screaming for more! 

She’s recently teamed up with the team at LF Seltzer to create New Zealand’s first wine-seltzer spiked gelato, found exclusively at the LF Seltzer Scoop Shop at Sweat Shop on Sale Street in Auckland every Thursday to Sunday for the month of November. 

Q: How has this year been for you?

A: It’s certainly been a year for change and adapting. But that’s what drives us at the Island Gelato Company. We are always adapting, experimenting and testing in the pursuit of that perfect mouthful of excitement.

Q: What are some of the craziest flavours you have made?

A: One of my favourite things to do is create bold flavours using weird and wonderful ingredients. We’ve done everything from charcoal & coconut to goat cheese, blueberry & rose.

Q: So what led you to creating wine seltzer spiked gelato with Leftfield Wines? 

A: We’d actually already been experimenting with boozy gelatos when the LF Seltzer team came knocking. So naturally we jumped at the chance to create wine seltzer spiked scoops with the amazing LF Seltzer team. It feels like the collaboration of our two products been a match made in heaven. 

Q: What flavours does your boozy gelato range come in?

A: We’ve created three delightfully delicious and vegan friendly flavours to match LF Seltzer’s debut range, all of which are infused with the product itself. They are all light, refreshing and can be enjoyed guilt-free!  Yuzu, Mint & Cucumber with Sauvignon Blanc is perfectly paired with a light and zingy gelato scoop, Strawberry and Hibiscus with Rosé meets its match in a sweeter scoop and Pear and Ginger with Pinot Gris gets our full-bodied gelato for a sharper scoop. 

Q: What is your favourite part about the LF Seltzer Scoop Shop?

A: To me, it’s not just about scooping up great gelato. It’s also important that I give my customers a funky space and vibey atmosphere to enjoy their treats. That’s what I love about the Scoop Shop. It’s a funky pop-up parlour that encourages adults to be kids again—with photogenic seesaws, charismatic servers and an awesome vibe. 

Q: Which seltzer-infused scoop will you be having?

A: I’m proud of all three creations, but am partial to the Strawberry and Hibiscus with Rosé as it creates a really sweet scoop that’s perfect for summer. 


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