Summer festival survival guide

Festivals and concerts are a great way to get your friends together, throw on a cute outfit and dance like crazy to all your favourite music. While it might seem like you don’t need to plan for these events, we’ve unfortunately learnt first hand that a little planning can make the difference between you having fun with your friends and you having to be sent home early…

Check out our do’s and dont’s of surviving a festival below including our top tips for camping at the festival.

prepping for festival

Before you go

  • Triple check you have your ticket – no seriously! It may seem like the one thing you will remember but you don’t want to be the only one left stranded while your friends are raving
  • ID – if you plan on drinking alcohol or are attending an R18 festival, your ID is a must
  • Transport – have a designated driver? Make sure you do a little research about how parking works at your location. If you’re taking public transport, print a quick timetable online so no matter what time you leave you know you can get home
  • Money – cash, credit or debit, whatever your poison make sure you have at least two ways of paying for food and drinks just in case you lose some money or the eftpos machines go down
  • Pack a poncho – rain can be a massive downer on your super cute festival outfit, but surprisingly, a horrendous see-through poncho looks great on the ‘gram and keeps you dry
  • Take sunscreen – if the festival is outdoors, make sure you take enough sunscreen to protect you throughout the day. See why sunscreen is important to your health

fun at festivals

At the festival

  • Remember where you parked – it may sound stupid, but have everyone in your crew take a picture of where you leave the car because after a few cheeky vodkas, you may need a little refresher
  • Find a seat – an outdoor festival means there will be a lot of people hunting for a prime spot. If there are only a handful of stages, send out scouts while the rest of you join the bar queues
  • Meeting spot – agree on a place to meet if you get separated from the crew
  • Stay hydrated – trust us, water is going to be your best friend. Try and drink a bottle of water every hour. It will help you survive the night and you’ll thank yourself in the morning

camping at festival

If you’re camping

  • Avoid the toilets – there is a good reason why there is a clear perimeter around the toilets and you don’t want to find out why first hand
  • Avoid footpaths – they are used 24/7 and can be loud
  • Find a landmark – finding your tent at a festival can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Try and park your tent near an identifiable landmark like a distinctive pole or tree. Take a picture and you’ll have no problems when the night is over.
  • The essentials – torch, hand sanitiser, toilet paper, water, snacks, sleeping bag, pillow, solar charger, earplugs, sleeping mask etc.

Remember – be smart, drink responsibility, have a designated sober driver and keep a buddy with you at all times

Written by Monique Renee

Usually barefoot and deep in wanderlust mode, Mon loves binging Netflix, cuddling babies and stalking through Instagram looking for boho decor inspo and hotties with man buns. You’ll usually find her on holiday, planning a holiday or thinking about holidays.

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  1. Vikki Sainsbury November 28, 2017 at 8:05 am - Reply

    I’ve never actually been to an open air concert lol – I would love to go to one of the Vineyard Tour concerts in Queenstown though – maybe something to work towards for 2018 🙂

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