Donna Hay, Modern Baking | December Book of the Month

It’s time to fall in love with your new modern baking bible. Donna Hay, bestselling cookbook author, is sharing all the sweet things she’s baking in her own kitchen right now.

Complete with her signature on-trend twists, and perfected for busy modern lifestyles, the recipes in this luxurious book inspire a fresh take on the enchanting ritual of baking. Inside are more than 250 ideas for cakes, cookies, slices, pies, desserts and icy sweets. There are Donna’s favourites for indulging and impressing guests, as well as shortcuts for when life gets crazy busy. She’s also included plenty of her better-for-you treats, for a little balance.

Modern Baking has five extensive chapters, exploring the five deluxe ingredient groups that underpin all of Donna’s baking and sweets – chocolate; caramel, toffee and coffee; sugar and spice; fruit and berries; milk and cream. Each chapter is then divided into three parts – the essential section; the quick-fix section and the fresh and light section. The essential recipes are the heart of the book – Donna’s baking and dessert must-haves, modern, decadent and perfect for entertaining. The quick-fix recipes are short but elegant, revealing Donna’s clever baking shortcuts and tricks for when time is of the essence. The fresh and light recipes are smart ideas for raw treats, lighter cakes and cleaner desserts. They call for wholesome, less-processed ingredients, so they’re still indulgent but there’s plenty of goodness thrown in.

In Donna’s home, whether you bake for the people you love, to treat yourself or for the calm cosiness it brings to the house, there’s no denying it’s good for the soul.

Let Modern Baking inspire you to bring some of that special magic into your kitchen.

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