Should I bite the bullet and get Bangs?

We’ve all had the urge to get bangs once, am I right or am I right? Now with the celeb increase in rocking those fresh fringes it makes us think if she can do it why can’t I. Now that’s the kind of attitude we like here, but we don’t want you to go crying home from the hairdresser because now you have to wait for them to grow out to be your confident true self. So, we have a few tips and pointers on whether you should bite the bullet. Because after all YOLO and hair always can grow back.

Bangs are youthful and worn by almost literally everyone, including Taylor Swift and Zoey Deschanel. While yes, they’re “in style,” confidence is key to rock bangs in 2020. Be honest as to why you’re willing to make this change.

Are you really doing it because you want to get bangs, and not because you just think you need a change and decide to cut your hair off? If you truly think you think you’ll look fierce with a fringe, then go for it. It can totally change your appearance but you must be warned. The upkeep of bangs is what turns a lot of ladies away. Most hairdressers recommend a fortnightly trim to keep them looking to die for. They may sound way too high maintenance, but just remember if you’ve got 10 minutes to get out of the house, a high pony tail and bangs can go from lazy lady to sexy mama. They aren’t easy but sis you can own it.

Now I know from experience the total mid life crisis of just wanting to snip it off. But keep in mind, will the get in the way of work? Or maybe it’ll get in the way of your gym workout? Now this may sound stupid but, y’all know those clip-on bangs? Have a go, mess around, see how you really feel before having to wait a year for your actual hair to grow back. But please, for my sake DON’T CUT THEM YOURSELF! Let the professionals work their magic.

Here’s the big question… Will bangs flatter my face?

“The most flattering bangs create an oval face shape,” says Mark Townsend, Dove Celeb stylist. So, if you naturally have an ovular face, you have a range of bang styles to choose from. But your face is square or oblong, “You’ll want to try A-shaped bangs or longer layers,” he says. “The modern style that works on practically ​anyone​ are choppy bangs that hit right between your eye and eyebrow,” he adds. So lucky for us, choppy bangs include a range of lengths so that means more time between trims! A classic heart-shaped face also a face shape that pairs nicely with almost any style of bangs.

So now you took the leap of faith and are rocking those bangs. Be aware forehead acne may be coming your way. Having hair sit on your forehead all day especially if are using product on your bangs, the product is touching your skin all day. Make sure to take extra care in exfoliating that forehead and either clip your fringe or wear a headband to sleep to let that pretty face breathe. I will also suggest investing in a travel size dry shampoo. It will become your best friend. You’ll be touching your hair a lot more giving it a lil zhush. This leaves all the oil on your fingers landing in your hair, so having a lil bottle of goodness to soak up that moisture and add volume , will do you wonders.

But in reality, it’s just hair. It will grow back, so why not go a little crazy and make the change. It’s not permanent, express yourself, try something different. That’s the beauty in us all. We’re all different, so please just be yourself cause there ain’t no one like you Xx

Are you gonna book that hair appointment?

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