Kelly Coe of Augustine talks fashion & her own Glam Mummy style

If you’re a lover of fashion, in particular colour, patterns and beautiful fabrics then you’ve possibly already fallen in-love with the label Augustine.

One of NZ’s most prolific and followed fashion labels Augustine is popular for its casual glamour perfectly suited to the Kiwi woman who loves to embrace their femininity, embellish their colour palette and toy with mixing patterns. The talented designer behind the brand Kelly Coe is our girl crush, designer, wife, mother, boss babe… through all the growth and glamour, keeping it real and relatable, all the while looking fab.

What’s your advice for young women wanting to get into fashion design?

Don’t think that it is all glitz and glamour, get into the industry because you truely want to create clothes that change peoples outlook on life or themselves and be prepared to work your ass off. Only start a new clothing label if you have something fresh and new that noone else is doing and do it well. Then be prepared to start at the bottom and make your way up, I started off by cutting tiny squares of fabric and glueing them into style books.


How have you grown so quickly?

Haha it doesnt feel that quick from the inside, I guess we have become so well known over the past few years, but the hard graft happened 10 years ago where we started from nowhere and built our way up. 10 years isnt that quick in my mind, I have had 3 children in that time. But I guess our growth comes from our incredible connection with our customers, we have created a community, an Augustine family that keeps growing, I have been the face of that from the beginning, which is something alot of NZ designers dont do, they didnt open up and say ‘hey this is me and this is what I wear’ that has helped us grow.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Initially its always the fabrics, I am inspired by beautiful prints, florals and designs. I believe a garment can design itself once you have an amazing print and see how it drapes and falls. Then its people, I have been an avid people watcher for years haha. I could sit and watch people walk up and down a busy street for hours, or stop and think about where my customers will be wearing the garment, will it go to a garden wedding in March in the sunshine and what will that look like? will this float when they walk, will the sun catch the sparkle in the thread, will they feel a million dollars in it?  I design for the occasions in my customers life, whether that is school drop off or a celebration, everyday is a good reason to dress up.


Who are your style icons?

OOh this is always a tough question as its always a mixture, Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively, JLo and about 10 different overseas fashion bloggers that I follow. They all get it so right and so wrong so often and I love that, I love pulling insiration from the times they go all out in a colourful outfit. The Met Gala is like christmas for my eyes.

Top tips for a last minute party look…

Colour, dont go to a party in all black. Add more, put your outfit on and then think, how could I make this better with an accessory. Noone ever walks into a party and people say “oh she way overdressed how embarassing” you need to own your outfit and wear it with confidence and a smile. A great dress and heels can never put you wrong. And a blow wave, always get a blow wave.  

Kelly Coe of Augustine

Top tips for paring colours and patterns…

Be adventurous, mix them up, there are no rules. Wear a print then find the strongest colour in the print and get a plain piece in that colour to pair with it.

How would you describe your personal style?

Hmmm, Glam Mummy haha. I wear pretty dresses or skirts everyday, but I will probably wear them with sneakers. I dont save anything for good, my day outfit and night outfit is the same level of fancy, just different heights of shoes. I never leave the house without putting thought into my outfit, even if I am just going for a run, the outfit needs to match the cap and shoes.

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How would you describe your personal style?

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