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We are so lucky in New Zealand to be so rich in culture, creativity and talent. It’s no wonder then, that so many of us love to support local! We have so many wonderful artists in our country, and what better way to celebrate them than displaying their work proudly in our homes and workplaces?

Buying original art is often seen as being quite costly (which is often understandable with the amount of time that goes into some of these pieces!), so here are a few of my favourite NZ artists who are not only incredibly talented – but affordable too, and definitely worth investing in.

Ezra Bellamore – Resin Art

If you love the ocean or abstract art, definitely check out Ezra’s work. While she sells resin-decorated homewares as well (cheese boards/platters, coasters, etc), she also does the most amazing displayable pieces. She does take commissions, so if you love the style but can’t quite find what you’re looking for, it’d be worth getting in touch.

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Wild Ones – Creative


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Keren Elise – Prints & Paintings

Known mostly for her digital illustrations and prints, Keren also does beautiful abstract paintings as well. Keren does a lot of botanical designs, as well as typographic prints, which are priced very reasonably for those on a budget. Keren also takes commissions!

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Keren Elise Creative


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Onaitta Setefano – Ink Pen Pacific Island Inspired Drawings & Paintings

Onaitta has a few different “styles”, from black outline pen drawings to more abstract paintings, most of which pay tribute to her Samoan/Pacific Island heritage. I’m a huge fan in particular of her Zodiac series of drawings – I bought several for myself and others!

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Krystee Iris – Watercolour Botanicals, Arrows & Landscapes

I only discovered Krystee recently, but I am so hooked. I absolutely adore watercolour, and I adore plants and flowers, so her art is a match made in heaven for me! She also runs workshops from time to time, which I’m dying to book into one of these days.

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Krystee Iris


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Hannah Starnes – Oil painting on recycled wood

Heavily featuring native NZ birds, Hannah’s work is vibrant and detailed. Although her commissions and wine barrel birds are on the pricier side (compared to others on this list – but still reasonably priced compared to other artists I’ve seen!), she also has very affordable prints and wood blocks on her Etsy shop.

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Hannah Starnes Art on Etsy


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Joe McMenamin – Prints & Watercolour

I feel a bit bad that I’ve only put female artists in until now … girl power?! I’ve been a fan of Joe’s work for a long time though, and as he was local to me until not long ago, there are a fair few of his distinctive murals around. Joe is best known for his native birds with abstract swirls and patterns, but has a whole range of other styles and subjects as well (including one featuring Yoda!). He sells prints that are then individually hand coloured on his website, and has a gallery in Fielding featuring artwork by him and other NZ artists.

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Joe McMenamin


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So there are a few of my favourites – and I’m sure there are many more amazing ones out there that I have yet to discover, so if you know of any, I’m up for recommendations!

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