Food that will Keep you Warm this Winter

All food that you put into your mouth has some effect on your body. It is important in the colder weather to fuel your body with foods that help raise your body temperature. These are foods that can take longer for the body to digest.

The scientifical name for this process is called thermogenesis. This is when your body produces heat which is caused by foods metabolizing.


Bananas are packed with health benefits, like magnesium and vitamin B. These are important for your thyroid and adrenal gland health. These glands help regulate body temperature as well as boosting mood and maintaining memory health.

Ginger Tea

Of course, the hot ginger tea will help make you feel warmer on a cold day. But ginger is also known to help digestive health and may encourage thermogenesis. Ginger will help your body warm from the inside out, this is called diaphoretic.


Start your day with a hot breakfast of oats or other types of porridge. Oats are a great source of whole grains and fibre. Fibre improves cholesterol and will make you feel full. In addition to keeping you full and warm.

Complex Carbs

They are called complex for a reason. The amount of energy your body uses to breakdown these foods is insane! Not only will it keep your body full for longer but you will also reap the benefits of having a toasty warm belly! Complex carbs are most whole wheat grains and some vegetables.


One of the benefits of drinking coffee is the caffeine. Caffeine increases your metabolism which can raise your body temperature. If you love iced coffee you are in luck! Ice coffee has more caffeine in one cup but you’ll still get the benefits from a hot cup of coffee.

Red Meat

Iron helps the flow of oxygen throughout your body. People with low iron (anaemia) a.k.a most women, may notice cold hands and feet or feel tired easily. But eating red meat can boost your level of vitamin B12, which helps with having healthy nerves and a strong immune system.


The easiest way to help keep your body warm this winter is to drink water. Water keeps the body going and regulates your internal temperature. Dehydration will cause your core temperature to drop. People are less likely to drink water when it’s cold outside because they don’t feel as thirsty but you may want to carry a water bottle with you as a reminder.

Avoid Alcohol

You might know the saying that a shot of whisky can keep you warm. However, whisky and other kinds of alcohol actually lower your body’s core temperature. You may feel warm at first but it will be hard to stay warm over time. Alcohol also impairs your ability to shiver, which is a natural response to raise your body temperature. So don’t drink alcohol to stay warm this winter!

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