DIY Candle Holder

Everyone loves a warm shower or bath after a long day and since we’re all stuck inside anyway, now is the perfect time to give yourself a little pamper. Personally, I love a candlelit bath with a glass of wine and some bubbles but buying a big candle isn’t always budget friendly. If you’re looking to give yourself a little extra TLC, we’ve come up with an affordable and cute way to light up your nighttime bathroom regime


  • 6 metal tablespoons
  • a wooden hanger or hanger
  • twine
  • 6 tea light candles.


Step 1: Bend your tablespoons to a 90-degree angle

Step 2: Sand and paint your hanger whatever colour you desire

Step 3: Place your spoons along the lower bar of your hanger, and tie them with twine using an X-shape. This will keep the spoons stable

Step 4: Place your tea light candles on the flattened part of the spoon and hang your hanger in a stable hook

Step 5: Light up those candles and set the mood

Would you give this DIY a go?

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