5 Reusable Products You Need in Your Life

A lot of products that use some form of plastic, can be used anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes and that’s it… That piece of plastic you used will now be on earth for 450 years just chilling there outliving you, your children and your grandchildren. So now is the time to look into reusable products that we can use over and over again, and create less waste!

Makeup Remover Pads

Say goodbye to all of your single use makeup wipes and rounds, and say hello to reusable and machine washable micro-fibre, bamboo or cotton rounds! Most only require water, no makeup remover is required. Not only are you saving money by not buying single use rounds, you don’t have to buy micellar water anymore! Most rounds can last for 500 uses and 200 machine washes. It is recommended that you hand wash and air dry after every use. But you should be putting it in with your white wash once a week (with no fabric softener) and an air dry. This means that 1 round can last up to 3.5 years depending on the makeup you wear and how much you care for the removing pad.

Silicon Bowl Covers

Ditch the plastic wrap for reusable bowl covers. They stretch over any shape bowl very easily and can be washed up very easily. They are also great for covering half cut onions, capsicums, etc. These are perfect for parties or gatherings and are a staple in any Eco-friendly home.

Mesh Produce Bags

Mesh bags remove single use plastic bags that would just be tossed in the bin when we get home. You can pick them up in sets of many different sizes for every fruit and vegetable, but they come in handy for a lot more than just a grocery runs. They are a good item to have on hand everyday.

Tote Bags

These are my number one reusable product you should be using everyday. Tote bags come in handy every day no matter where you are. Keep one in your car at all times, whether it’s a last-minute grocery shop, a quick trip to the mall or if you just don’t want to carry everything in your hands. The best part is when it gets a little dirty you can throw it into the washing machine and it will be as good as new.

Reusable Razor

Designs like a bamboo and stainless-steel razor are amazing, because not only do plastic razors suck but they create so much waste. Reusable razors will provide a closer, more precise shave and last you a lifetime. When I say reusable, you can pick up a beautiful handle what ever shape, colour or size you like because when the blades get dull, you won’t need to throw the entire thing away! Just pick up a new blade. By making this change you are generating so much less waste.

Benefits of investing in quality reusable products:

  1. Saves money.  You will spend a little money upfront, but reusing the products over and over saves a lot of money over the years.
  2.  They’re nicer to look at. I like using pretty things, brightly coloured items, and fun designs. They add beauty and fun to our lives. You cant get that from a single use product.
  3. Better for the environment. Every household can make a difference by reducing their waste in little ways. Swapping disposable straws for reusable straws, filling up water bottles at home instead of using disposable plastic bottles, using reusable bags instead of Ziplock bags, etc. Every little bit counts.

What Eco-friendly product do you already use in your household? 

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