All about liners

Pads, tampons, liners – it can all get a little confusing to know what to use and when to use it. Underwear liners can be an important part of your feminine hygiene routine. So what is all the fuss about?

What is a liner?

An underwear liner is similar to a sanitary pad:

  • It’s the same shape as a pad, but it’s just slimmer and lighter.
  • Like a pad, it sticks inside your underwear.
  • It’s used to keep underwear fresh and clean.

When should I use a liner?

  • Liners are a good choice if you are worried about light bladder leakage
  • A liner is also often used when a period is due
  • At the end of a period when the flow is light or just spotting It can also be used with a tampon as extra precaution (a liner shouldn’t be used solely during the heavy days of a period)
  • A liner can also be used when vaginal discharge is heavy – often around the time of ovulation Some women like to use them every day to feel ‘fresh’, but this isn’t necessary

How do I use a liner?

An underwear liner is used the same way as a pad.

Firstly, wash your hands. Then remove the liner from the packaging. Pull off the backing from the adhesive square and stick into the gusset of your underpants, making sure it’s not too far forward or back.

You can dispose of a used liner by rolling it up, wrapping it in toilet paper and putting it in a bin. Never a flush a liner down the toilet as it can cause serious blockages.












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