The Good Guys: The Goodest Show in Town

NZ Comedy FestivalA great line-up for a good cause! Local and international comedy acts donate their time to a wonderful night of comedy and the SpinningTop charity then go and build a safe school for Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh. That’s definitely the goodest show around!

Starring Ben Hurley, Michele A’Court, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Jeremy Elwood, Donna Brookbanks, Sarah Callaghan and Patch Lambert.

New Zealand International Comedy Festival is being held in venues around the country from 26th April until 20th May 2018. Find out more about the acts here. Catch The Good Guys show at The Loft at Q Theatre, Auckland, Sunday 13th May at 7pm.

The good guys and gals of comedy

This was my first time in Wellington’s live music venue, San Fran – an upstairs bar with seating around large wooden tables, leaners at the back and a bar with drink prices that instantly reminded me I was in the hub of a big city’s entertainment quarter (is it a quarter?). The stage was small but elevated and the crowd was in good spirits. The community seating arrangements enabled us to get chatting with some other comedy fans prior to the start of the show, to compare festival notes on who’s good, who wasn’t feeling it, and the random venues that we’ve encountered.

The Good Guys

Ben Hurley was our host for the night’s entertainment. It’s hard not to love Ben. The cuddly bearded man from Hawera was in top form and his interaction with a few unfortunates in the front row was top-notch unscripted hilarity. This man knows his crowd and he knows how to bring them to their knees with constant, improvised humour that completely made the night. The fact that he can turn whatever he is presented with by way of his audience’s nationalities, jobs, or housing situations, into basically a full night of comedy, made me realise how brilliant he is. Did I mention how hard it is not to love Ben Hurley?

“His interaction with a few unfortunates in the front row was top-notch unscripted hilarity”

Ben Hurley was joined on the night by:

  • Michele A’Court – NZ’s darling of comedy, laying down plenty of girl power in the jokes.
  • Cori Gonzalez-Macuer – Laidback … just so laidback that he is freakin’ brilliant.
  • Jeremy Elwood – Doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being a comedy genius (timing masterclass anyone?!)
  • Donna Brookbanks – My first introduction to this Billy T nominee. The brand of humour was not my cup of comedy tea but she held her own with the crowd.
  • Sarah Callaghan – The international flavour for the night. This London gal delivered a polished performance.
  • Patch Lambert – Local lad who backed up the bigger comedy names with a good routine.

The comedy flowed brilliantly and the two hours just flew by. Each performer brought their own brand of funny but still kept the laughs flowing from the packed room. This show already has over a decade of performances under its belt and judging by the way my sides ached after this showing, I will definitely be ready for another dose next year.

Should you go and see the show?

Who doesn’t love some feel-good entertatinment? What could possibly make you feel better than a hilarious comedy show that also raises money for a great cause? The acts obviously felt the good vibes too and provided a fantastic night of raucous laughter. Go along, support the cause and be treated to some of New Zealand’s finest comedy.

For more information, visit the NZ International Comedy Festival website.

This review was written by Julie Scanlon for Her World NZ. Her World NZ were provided with complimentary passes for the show, courtesy of the NZ International Comedy Festival. A donation was made on behalf of Her World to The Good Guys. The opinions shared in this article are completely those of the reviewer.



  1. Kylie June 1, 2018 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    Looks like a great time out and a good laugh! I have seen Ben Hurley live and really enjoyed the show and his comedy … as another commenter said, different people find different things/comedians funny and I for one find Hurley a great laugh!

  2. Zeri Ong May 26, 2018 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    Based on the clip (Ben Hurley), not as funny as the rest maybe? Assadi was funnier. But to each his own. Comedy can be subjective too and it’s a matter of preference.

  3. Vikki Sainsbury May 21, 2018 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    Comedy Shows are always great – I have only ever been to one live show in my life and that was Billy Connelly many years ago! He was great though. We don’t really get that many live comedy shows in Dunedin though, but a lot on TV so that’s good.

  4. Shontelle Fahey May 21, 2018 at 3:27 pm - Reply

    This looks like a laugh. This guy is always has been great with comedy. This is a great review to read. Makes me want to see a show,

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