5 tips to stay on top of housework

Let’s be honest, we don’t all love housework, and with busy days, cleaning house is the last thing we want to do on a weekend. One thing that can help is taking an organised approach to housework so you can keep it under control and spend less time doing it.

Try these tips to keep your housework under control.

1. Set up daily tasks

Routines are a great way to manage your time. Across the week, it is good to allocate certain household tasks to certain day to lessen the Friday night housework panic. For example, doing washing every Tuesday and Friday or making sure you clean out the fridge every Saturday morning before your weekly shop.

Having set tasks each day also helps prevent time lost due to procrastination. The housework to do list is often quite long and can be overwhelming. When you feel overwhelmed, it is difficult to know where to start and easy to procrastinate about what it is you should do.

2. Involve your flatmates or partner

If you live with friends, it is a great idea to spread the cleaning chores amongst your flat. Have a dishes night each or a vacuum week so that is one last task you have to focus on at the end of a busy work day. If you live with your partner, have an open discussion about cleaning. Alternate jobs to keep it fair and employ the ‘I cook, you clean’ tactic that always works…well almost.

3. Make it convenient

Have cleaning caddies that make cleaning individual rooms easier. Keep your bathroom cleaning products in a little bucket in the corner of the bathroom or under the sink the same way you would in the Kitchen. Be sure to keep a laundry basket in your bedroom and in the laundry to save having to filter through your ‘floor-drobe’ when you need to do some washing fast.

4. Never leave a room empty handed

The idea is to always pick something up off the floor or table and put it back in its proper storage spot every time you leave a room. Before you know it all your shoes will be back where they should be and you’ll always be able to find a mug for a much needed cup of coffee.

5. Nightly reset

Have a quick walk around the house before bed each night to make sure everything is back in order. It will save you time in the morning when you can’t find your car keys and you’ll have a less stressful start to the day.

Housework is relentless – but taking an organised approach to it means you don’t have to think so much about how to do it each day as it becomes a part of your daily routine.

This article was written by Nicole Avery and has been adapted for herworld.co.nz


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  1. Hollie Laird November 16, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    The ‘nightly reset’ is an absolute essential for me. I cannot stand waking up to a new day and finding forgotten chores leftover from the day prior. Now that I am a working Mum I find it even more important to keep on top of things for my own sanity!

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