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Ardell has always been known for lashes. But the game is changing! Ardell is introducing their new Brow and Nail line! We tried them out to let you know what the buzz is about. All I’ll say is they really can do it all!

If you don’t know Ardell, have you been living under a rock?! They are a staple to most Kiwi women’s beauty kit. Read some of our reviews and try them out for yourself.

My experience

Ardell is becoming a one stop shop for everything beauty! They have nailed eyelashes and they are on their way to perfecting brows and nails too! Complete your look with these amazing final touches from Ardell. 

All of these products are simple to navigate around, but the efficiency doesn’t affect that quality!

My thoughts


Brow Pencil

I tried out their Pro Brow mechanical pencil. Yep they have nailed it. An affordable brow product that actually works! It is not too waxy, the pigment is great and it is super easy to use. I would recommend trying this product out! For that price you can’t say no.


Brow Tint

Doing your brows everyday can get a bit boring. Do you want a quick fix so everyday you wake up looking like you’ve put effort into your brows? Brow tint! Ardell brow tint stays effective for 2 weeks and has enough product per pack for a long time. I used the medium brow tint and love the way my brows look. I mixed the brow tint with the mechanical pencil and my brows looked incredible. Ardell is very affordable and always turns out incredible.


Press On Nails

$60 for a basic manicure? I don’t think so. Try out the new Ardell Nail Addict press on nails. They come in so many different styles and shapes that will tickle anyones fancy. I tried these out on one of my friends. She will not stop talking about how much she loves them. I helped her apply them as she has never tried to press on nails before. It was very simple. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes so each nail will fit your natural shape. The glue was high quality and worked straight away. She has had the nails on for a week with no breakages. She is also a swim coach and physio and they haven’t budged! HIGH QUALITY ALERT!

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