The importance of your moon sign

When people think about their horoscopes, most will only consider their sun sign (AKA your “star sign”). This is determined by the position of the sun during your birth. Your sun sign determines your outer personality and your ‘life purpose’, or what you are meant to learn in this lifetime.

But where the moon was during your birth is just as important, and Hindu Astrology actually places more emphasis on your moon sign. The moon sign shapes your emotions, your soul and hidden secrets of your personality.

Your moon sign can also influence how strongly your Sun sign is expressed.

You might find that a description of your Sun sign doesn’t really represent you or is completely inaccurate. The moon changes signs every 2-3 days, which is why two people may both be Virgo according to their star sign, but can still be very different.

For instance, if you’re a Leo, you may think you’re meant to be the centre of attention, dramatic, a leader (and maybe a little selfish). But if your moon sign is Pisces then you are more likely to be compassionate, creative, imaginative, romantic and idealistic – a bit different to your typical Leo description!

There are a few different sites with great natal chart tools, which provide the position of all the planets at the time of your birth. Our favourite is cafe astrology.

Here are a few very basic characteristics that you might expect from the different moon signs and how they can affect your emotions:


You’re likely to be very self-reliant, spontaneous and impatient. You’re very persistent and a natural leader, but possibly prone to irritation.


Conservative and hard-working, you like things to be predictable and are moved by beauty. Trust your inner voice – it’s usually right!


Very intellectual and needing stimulation, Gemini is known for being on the move, and sometimes a little dishonest.


Cancer moons can be strongly driven by emotion and attached to the past. You’re very sensitive to others, with possible psychic abilities.


You may feel the need to entertain and organise those you hold near, but will always try to treat people with fairness and have a strong sense of dignity.


You are probably appreciative of structure and the finer details in life. With a strong sense of service, you’re happiest when helping others.


Your life revolves around people and partnership, with a deep need for balance, though this can mean you’re easily swayed by others.


Sensitive and loyal, you may have very strong and intense emotions which can be quite overwhelming at times, and a need for privacy.


With a strong need for freedom and space, you’ll be generally easy-going and positive as long as you’re not cooped up.


You’re able to keep your emotions in check (as far as others can see) and are innately serious, practical and in control.


This is the least ‘emotional’ moon sign, driven moreso by concepts and ideas. You may like to observe and analyse others.


Very intuitive and dreamy, Pisces moons are very sensitive and compassionate to others’ feelings and emotions.

Keeping these characteristics in mind or doing a full natal chart may provide you with a bit more clarity when it comes to understanding your horoscope and personality.

With information from Cafe Astrology and Stars Like You.

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