• Aries

    In a week where there are some major developments, including one of the most powerful Full Moons in your income sector in decades, for you, the most significant event is the Moon's return to Aries. The Moon's return on Monday and position here until Thursday is an ordinary event that is set to have extraordinary consequences. Ordinary, because the Moon returns every four weeks, fuels your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses, sharpens your instincts, amplifies your inner voice and then moves on. Yet extraordinary because the Moon is not only coming full circle from last month's Full Moon but is making its first solo contact with Eris here in eight years and the last for decades. In Aries since 1926, Eris is the keeper of your personal truth, with the Moon's alignment this week chance to connect directly with that, with no interference to muddy the water. […]

  • Taurus

    From out of the blue, Thursday's Full Moon in Taurus is likely to be a game changer, potentially waking you up from a state of sleep walking through your own life. To start with your own needs and any focus on your personal truth could be far down your priority list or even not there at all. Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected has been in Taurus since May, but in retrograde motion since August, has been operating in the background. With so much else going on this week, especially on the work, relationship and financial fronts, thinking about your own needs or Uranus' quest to help you find your sense of purpose and your personal truth, could be all but forgotten. Or at least that is the case until the Moon not only returns to Taurus on Thursday to create a Full Moon just 72 hours later, but aligns with Uranus in the process. This is the first time this has happened in 77 years and within minutes you're finally awake and alert. […]

  • Gemini

    With Venus and Mercury both spending their last full week in your work sector, the Sun returning on Wednesday and Jupiter moving into his final two weeks on Friday, you can expect a busy week. If you're not busy on the job front, then life itself will be keeping you busy. With Mars returning to your career sector next month and work and job matters continuing to unfold until January, this busy pace will continue for the rest of the year. Yet there is a push from playful forces to ensure life doesn't become all work and no play, while Thursday's Full Moon will test whether you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off. Yet also important this week is the movement of tiny Juno, who will retrograde back out of Gemini on Wednesday. Just a week before new relationship developments begins, this ends a crash course in first identifying your own needs. […]

  • Cancer

    Any week where the Sun changes sign is going to be significant, with the solar spotlight shifting to a new agenda. At the same time, any week that hosts a Full Moon is also going to be significant and even more so when they both not only happen in the same week but within the space of 36 hours. It begins with the Sun's departure from your home and family sector on Wednesday. This will take the solar spotlight off home and family matters, but there is more than enough momentum to still make this an important aspect of your life. Even more so with Venus retrograding back in for a double dip visit next week. The Sun joins a massive amount of planetary activity in a playful part of your chart, just a week before new work and job developments are due to open up. Thursday's Full Moon will put pressure on the Sun, but this is more an effort to make this playful push count. Life is about to become a lot busier, with work/life balance and a balance between work and play essential. […]

  • Leo

    The big boys and the major players of the solar system are always going to get your attention and this week this means the focus is on home and family matters, but also your professional game. In fact, these will clash in spectacular fashion during Thursday's Full Moon, the most powerful in your career sector in decades. The problem is, this is also the Sun's first full day in your home and family sector and just as he is teaming up with the most powerful forces here in a decade. This clash between your home and professional lives could create some professional pressure or work/life balance tension midweek. However, both sides have such powerful and auspicious forces in play, that this is more a chance to find a win/win balance between the two. The biggest danger is that this might overshadow the North Node's move into its final two weeks in Leo on Wednesday and the focus on having a clear and authentic sense of personal direction. […]

  • Virgo

    While we have a busy week, with a lot of planets getting ready to shift and the Sun on the move this week, it is Thursday's Full Moon that is the jewel in this week's crown for you. With Mars continuing to fire things up on the job front and a lot of focus on both income and money matters, there is a danger that life's more serious agendas are squeezing the spontaneity out of your life. For that reason, the Moon's return to an adventurous part of your chart on Thursday was always going to be a welcome reprieve. Yet while the rest of your cosmic mates suffer from what could be a challenging Full Moon, you benefit from the most powerful Full Moon in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery in eight decades. It is having Uranus, the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected on board that turns this into a trigger for all the potential that has been building since May. […]

  • Libra

    As you move into the new week you are also moving into the final days of your birthday month. This is the case at this time every year, with the Sun's departure from Libra bringing your birthday month to a close and with it bringing this foundation month to this new solar year to a close. The Sun will be gone by Wednesday, yet in his final two days there will be no urgency to finalise your intentions or resolutions for the coming year. Even after the Sun is gone you won't feel ready to finalise anything, potentially misconstruing this for indecision. Instead, with Venus returning next week for a rare double dip visit to Libra and Ceres staying on to help you process the last few months, you're still exploring your options. In the meantime, the Moon joins a formidable line up of planets in your income sector, just weeks before major new developments on the job and career fronts. […]

  • Scorpio

    The lines between the past, present and future become even more blurred this week, as the Sun leaves a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart and returns to Scorpio. This will bring your old solar year to a close, while returning to Scorpio this will kick off your birthday month and new solar year, which begins in earnest on Wednesday. Yet with so many planets already in Scorpio and the Sun not closing old doors, the past, present and future will continue to co exist. The Sun won't open new doors, rather move through doors already open, while not closing any old doors in the process. This will keep both a sense of nostalgia and anticipation alive. In the meantime, the Sun will not only return to Scorpio to find extraordinary support and an empowered start to this new solar year, but some push back from your relationships. This will come to a head during Thursday's Full Moon, which will expose any balance issues between your personal and relationship needs, though with support on both fronts to turn this into an opportunity to create greater authenticity. […]

  • Sagittarius

    At the same time that a sense of nostalgia is likely to deepen this week, with the month long wind down of your old solar year underway by Wednesday, so too will a growing sense of anticipation. The Sun joins Jupiter, who is now in the final weeks of a 13 month wind down to your current 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. Also here in this nostalgic and reflective part of your chart is Venus and Mercury, who are both spending their last full week here. With so many planets in this nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, this will have you looking back, but with Mercury returning to Sagittarius next week and Jupiter the week after, it also means you're on the brink of new doors opening. While there will be some pressure from a powerful Full Moon in your work sector on Thursday, any work tension and job pressure is a push back from planets defending a need for time to hear yourself think. […]

  • Capricorn

    While there are some exciting developments this week, what we have is the first sign of a major period of change that is set to gather speed and momentum over the next few weeks. It begins with the Sun's departure from your career sector and return to your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking on Wednesday. This is a move that the Sun makes at this time every year, but it comes just as you enter a three week period where over half the solar system is set to play musical chairs, some moving back and some moving forward. One of the planets moving back is Venus, who is spending her last full week in your friendship sector, before retrograding back into your career sector next week. The areas of change coming up cover everything from your job, relationships, financial, professional, home and even playful matters. Even Thursday's playful Full Moon a push to take matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative seriously, during Uranus' final weeks here. […]

  • Aquarius

    While the Sun will be gone from your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery by Wednesday, the spirit of wanderlust, curiosity and adventure will definitely live on. That is despite the seriously advantageous push your professional game receives this week. The Sun will leave an adventurous part of your chart to return to your career sector, something that happens at this time every year. Yet as the solar spotlight shifts onto your professional game, it will be to find lucky Jupiter in his final weeks and both Venus and Mercury preparing to leave. All will be confronted by Thursday's equally determined Full Moon in your home and family sector, which will see your home and professional lives clash. With both sides rolling out their big guns, they are evenly matched. This is when ongoing adventurous support will keep things in perspective, while allowing you to see work/life balance as a win/win advantage and not a challenge. […]

  • Pisces

    The biggest challenge to a growing focus on all things adventurous is not the Full Moon, which on Thursday will confront a formidable line up of planets in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery. The biggest danger is not fully embracing this, because of complacency. After all, Jupiter has been in this adventurous part of your chart since last October and with the Sun only just returning on Wednesday, there will be an adventurous focus right through to the New Year. What adds to a feeling of complacency, is any real competition from your professional life. The North Node moves into its final two weeks in your work sector on Wednesday, but its role is more to provide a sense of direction and to direct things forward. What you can't know is that things will start taking a more professional swing next week, which will become a major wave over the coming weeks. […]