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Taking care of yourself can be a struggle sometimes, so we’ve put together a list of beauty hacks, tips and trends to help you feel flawless 24/7.

splash happy

Tame Your Frizz with Splash Happy

We gave Splash Happy Shower Caps and Silk Sleep caps a go and we think you need to buy one ASAP! ...
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Give your Lips Some Love with Living Nature

We gave Living Natures new cruelty-free Lipstick Shade Glamourous a go! ...
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6 Kiwi Owned Businesses That Are Killing The Eco-Beauty Game

6 Kiwi Owned Businesses That Are Killing The Eco-Beauty Game

Beauty products are something to be passionate about… but something else you should be passionate about is trying your best to ...
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hair and body

youthful skin and hair

Getting your beauty tips from kids

We try so many tricks and tactics to get a youthful look, but why not just copy what the actual youth-filled ...
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banish cellulite tips

How to bust cellulite at home

Some dimples are cute, but no-one likes the dimpled skin that comes with cellulite. Here are a few cellulite-busting steps you ...
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waxing legs

Your guide to home waxing

Get your skin smooth and hair free with these waxing tips for easy home hair removal. Skip the salon and save ...
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cosmetic surgery

Improving your body without going under the knife

We get that looking good on the outside can help you feel better on the inside, but before you resort to ...
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taking great photos

Tips for looking great in every photo

Do you freak out and cover your face when the camera lens is on you? There are a few photo know-hows ...
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beauty routine

30 beauty shortcuts for the busy woman

Find time-saving beauty tips for when you're running late for a meeting ... or just wanted a few extra moments in ...
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