Wrap Your Winter Lips In Blistex

Dry, cracked or chapped lips, we all know winter wreaks havoc on our lips. With our lips having the thinnest layers of skin on our whole body, fewer and different glands and no melanin, it’s no surprise the harsh winter weather, air conditioning and even getting sick dries them out so quickly. So it’s good to know, lip care experts Blistex, have a wide range of products to hydrate, condition and protect – no matter what your lips need.

But it can be hard to choose the one perfect lip balm. Fear not! Follow our quick quiz below to find out which lip balm you need now.

Which balm do your lips need now?

Blistex is a family-owned company that has been cheerleading for happy, healthy lips since 1967 and they’ve put together a comprehensive range of products to keep your lips looking and feeling amazing.

Check out these four winter must-haves that you need to try ASAP to keep your lips smooth and healthy.

Blistex Five-Way Lip Protection

Blistex Five-Way Lip Protection

The Blistex in-house research and development team are proud to have developed Blistex Five-Way Lip Protection – your personal defender against five of nature’s harshest elements, keeping your lips safe, soft and smiling!

Blistex Five-Way is a special blend that includes ingredients to deal with dry air, cold, heat, wind, and sun.

They’ve harnessed the power of glycerin to lock in moisture in dry air, candelilla to form a wind barrier, wheat germ oil to moisturise heat-stressed lips, calendula oil to soothe cold-chapped lips, and SPF20 sunscreen protection from the sun. It’s the all-environment shield your lips need for every moment of any day.

Lip Conditioner SPF30

Lip Conditioner SPF30

Protect, moisturise and condition.

The iconic Blistex Lip Conditioner pot soothes, softens and restores dry, chapped lips. Enriched with cocoa butter, vitamin E, grapeseed, and olive oil, the unique formula actually helps prevent lips from drying out in the first place.

Intensive Repair SPF15

Intensive Repair SPF15

Repair and relieve.

Blistex Intensive Repair is specially formulated to provide quick, cooling relief and protection. Menthol and eucalyptus gently relieve dry chapped lips and restore their healthy moisture balance. See visible results in 24 hours.

 Lip Infusions – Hydration

Lip Infusions – Hydration

Your lips enjoy a drink as much as you do. Blistex Lip Infusions® Hydration has been clinically tested for long-lasting hydration. The secret is in the Hyaluronic spheres that lock in moisture, while vitamin E works its magic to soften and smooth your lips without a heavy, greasy feel.

The result? Beautiful, luscious lips.

Blistex is available at pharmacies, supermarkets and department stores nationwide.

Sophia reviews

Blistex has been my go-to brand since I was a teen and they’ve never failed me.

Blistex Five Way

With over 70 years of experience in keeping your lips feeling smooth and hydrated, they really are the best at helping my lips stay luscious.

With Five-Way Lip Protection (which I’ve quickly become obsessed with), Blistex has created even more ways to protect your lips year-round. Five-Way goes on smooth and lasts for hours, providing a barrier that locks in moisture, soothes against the cold air and protects from the sun with SPF 20 – one lip balm for wind, dry, cold, heat or sun. Hands down, this is my new favourite accessory that I’ll be taking with me everywhere.

Beat the cold

With the cold creeping in (quickly!), I’ve found myself gravitating towards the Intensive Repair Balm daily.

It’s been great at not only relieving my dry, chapped lips, but it also provides a barrier to protect lips from windburn and cracking when I’m out with the girls. Even though it does feel a little weird at first, the cooling relief it provides is an absolute life saver.

With soothing ingredients like Eucalyptus and Menthol, this Blistex product has helped reduce my chapped lips and kept them at a more balanced, moisturised state.

Lip love

Whether your lips are already dry and cracked or you’re just looking to keep chapped lips at bay, you can take a few easy steps to show your lips some love.
• Keep as healthy as possible – many people’s lips become dry and chapped when they feel unwell and run down.
• Drink plenty of water as being well hydrated is crucial for healthy, moisturised lips. In fact, all of your skin will thank you for it.
• Don’t be tempted to lick dry lips as while it might feel better immediately, it will actually dry them out more.
• Protect your lips with a quality lip balm that contains at least SPF 15.


This article was written by Kidspot with information provided by Blistex.

What’s your go-to lip care tip?

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