The Benefits of Manuka Oil

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You’ve probably heard about the benefits of manuka honey, but did you know the manuka plant contains an oil that also has many beneficial properties?

Find out more about the wonderful manuka plant and how you can make the most of the amazing properties the manuka oil has and how it can benefit you.

It’s ours

Manuka is native to New Zealand and grows abundantly throughout the country. It’s a tough plant and particularly loves rugged, coastal environments. Manuka is the traditional Māori name but it is sometimes referred to as “tea tree” (which is different to the Australian “ti tree”).

Manuka was originally used therapeutically by the Māori hundreds of years ago for the treatment of many different ailments, including reducing fever, stiff joints, inflammation, skin and stomach complaints, constipation, and coughs.

Māori used all parts of the manuka plant including the bark, leaves, sap, twigs, berries, and branches.

What’s so special?

While Māori have long recognised the benefits of manuka oil, it is only recently that researchers have been able to quantify its properties. Scientists have identified some organic compounds that have natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. They have named these Manuka β-Triketones (MβTK™) and have determined that the higher the levels of β-triketones present in the oil, the greater the antibacterial properties.


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Not all manuka oil is created equal

The oil from the manuka plant is extracted much like many other essential oils  – the leaves and tips of the manuka are steam-distilled for five to six hours, during which the vapour, that contains the oil, rises and then goes through a condenser to produce the pure manuka essential oil.

While manuka is found throughout New Zealand, scientists have determined that the oil extracted from mānuka grown on the East Cape of the North Island is blessed with the highest levels of β-triketones.

Manuka oil and you

Manuka oil is proven for the treatment of common ailments such as athletes foot, dandruff, and acne. It is also an effective antihistamine – rapidly removing the itchiness, irritation, and sting from insect bites, and from skin reactions due to contact with stinging plants, such as nettle. It also helps reduce inflammation and is particularly effective with itchy, irritated skin conditions.

ManukaVantage is a wellness range featuring unique formulations utilising the wonderful natural resources of manuka oil and honey derived from the New Zealand manuka tree, combined with supporting botanical extracts.

For maximum effectiveness ManukaVantage uses potent East Cape Manuka Oil rated MBTK20+™ with exceptionally high levels of antimicrobial properties and certified Manuka Honey 80+ which ensures its purity and authenticity.

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100% Pure Manuka Oil (10ml)

The Manuka oil used in the ManukaVantage range has the highest level of anti-microbial activity.

This oil is for the treatment of fungal skin infections, boils, acne, insect bites, cold sores, minor cuts and burns, and is great for nasal congestion.

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