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Working with Her World

Her World is a mobile friendly female centric hub covering topics around healthy living, relationships, finances, fitness, travel, horoscopes, recipes and more.

Users: 51,670

Pageviews: 144,753

Time on Site: 2:05


  • 7,103 impressions
  • 171 engagements


  • +45% reach per week
  • 9,019 impressions
  • 1,728 engagements

February 2018

Her World will work with you through the entire process, from creation to amplification, to ensure that your campaign reaches and engages your target audience.

  • Mobile friendly advertising options
  • Competitions
  • Product reviews
  • Content integration and article sponsorship
  • Video integration
  • On site editorials, social mentions and eDM
  • Run of site media and over the page pop-ups
  • Video media and expandable options available
  • Hot topics
  • Creation of sponsored content zones – fully branded by you
  • Amplification via social platforms and Outbrain extensions

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Total media solutions

Over the Page (600×400)

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Double MREC (300×600)

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MREC (300×250)

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