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  • Aries

    Dear Ram, the Sun has truly exited your career zone now to join Venus in your sociable house of friends, which brings some ease to your status consciousness, but does not completely alleviate the heat. Over the next month you can expect to enjoy a more light hearted experience as you network with groups and existing friends or become active in your local community. Your high vibrational energy is contagious now, and you may find that you feel stimulated to do what you would normally find rather unconventional, like going out late on a school night for example. As mentioned, the heat has still not completely lifted from your professional zone and this week Mercury, the governor of intellect who is currently in this house, receives a powerful thrust of energy from both Pluto and Jupiter that gives you the lead when it comes to fast and accurate opportunity assessments on the work front. You are gifted with the power of persuasion at the moment, so use it wisely. Mars, the ruler of your sign, also takes up his annual post in your house of expanded awareness on Sunday, which encourages a restless hunger for adventure. Are you making holiday plans yet Aries? […]

  • Taurus

    Dear Bull, even though there is still a fair amount of intensity in your philosophical zone this week, it is safe to say that your attention is rapidly shifting onto your career. The Sun joins Venus to spend his first full week in your professional zone for the first time in a year, which illuminates your ability to shine on the world stage. You desire to achieve recognition for your hard work now, and the universe will see that you are given all the responsibility that is needed to do this. This is a time of hard work Taurus, but through focused effort there is opportunity to see tangible results. Be aware though, that you are at your most visible point now and should try to keep everything on the straight and narrow path to succeed. Mars changes signs this week too, and takes his first step into your house of passion on Sunday. This zodiacal placement of action packed Mars could bring some smouldering romantic trysts your way, but it also has the propensity to encourage impatience with a partner or ego conflict. Try and channel your excess energy into a sport at this time to stay on the safe side. […]

  • Gemini

    Dear Twin, the ruler of your sign, communicative Mercury, is about to receive a double whammy from Pluto and Jupiter almost on the same day this week. This potent alignment that plays out in your house of passions, not only affords you an abundance of persuasive power, but also the expansive energy of Jupiter, which takes this to a much higher level. Your psychological awareness with regards to the motivation of others is exceptional right now, and will afford the opportunity to get to the bottom of any problems that may have surfaced in the last few weeks with finances or a deeply emotional situation with a committed partner. The Sun has moved into your expanded awareness zone now too, and will open your mind to many of life's truths. With your focus turning inward, you have the ability to traverse the mundane complications of life. This is a good time for exhilarating sport, or going on an intrepid journey to learn about other cultures. Mars enters your partnership sector on Sunday, allowing you to work on relationship challenges over the next two months. There could be splits or reconciliations now, it's all about how you respond to the call of this dynamic relationship ener […]

  • Cancer

    Dear Crab, some respite comes your way this week as you start to revert your attention away from personal relationships to have a deeper look at your own life, including your faults. The Sun, who shines light on this information, has left your relationship zone and is in Venus' slipstream in your transformation sector for a month. There will, however, be a last attempt by Mercury in your relationship zone to help you get your point across before you plunge head long into a rebirth of self. This occurs through a powerful Pluto conjunction to Mercury in this house, and a creative sextile from expansive Jupiter at the same time. You feel more equipped to handle any relationship challenges now, simply because you are so motivated to improve your life. The Sun in your transformation sector soon diverts your focus onto regeneration of financial status, as well as the state of the intimate and emotional interaction between yourself and a life partner. Rid yourself of bad habits now while you have this window of opportunity, it only comes around once a year. […]

  • Leo

    Dear Lion, even though you are still very much in strict routine mode at the moment, the movement of your ruler the Sun into your relationship arena, reorients your focus onto an entirely different facet of life for a while. For the next few weeks the Sun lights up a part of your zodiac that makes you more aware of people, and their role in your life. This is not only about significant others, but includes everyday relationships like business partnerships as well. Others provide the mirror that will enable you to better understand your place in the world, and you will surely desire to draw your relationships into a harmonious balance at this time. It's specifically apt to draw close to your romantic partner now, and smoothing over the rough edges that may have made themselves apparent lately. There will however be a great surge of thought that goes into work and health this week too, as Mercury, the planet of thought processes, conjuncts with the penetrating energy of Pluto in this zone, as well as being expanded by optimistic Jupiter. At last there is some evidence of progress for you at work, which makes you even more determined to succeed. […]

  • Virgo

    Dear Maiden, the Sun is well and truly traveling through your house of work and health this week, which is a timely diversion from the stress of romance or problems with your children that you may have been experiencing lately. Although there are still many lessons to be learned in the creative part of your zodiac, for now you are happy to emerge yourself into work and taking care of yourself. With the Sun following closely in Venus' footsteps in this caring part of your zodiac you are far more inclined to take pride in your work and health routines. With a keen eye for detail you'll want to keep your cupboards in ship shape, as well as tidy up things around the office and make improvements to the running of your daily life. Order is everything now as you strive for perfection in everything that you do, making this placement of the Sun particularly comfortable to a typical Virgo personality. It doesn't end there though, because Mars, the energetic action oriented planet, takes his annual position in your home zone on Sunday, and will impel you to get your household into military precision. It sure seems as though you have your week cut out for you Virgo. […]

  • Libra

    Dear Scale Bearer, the movement of the mighty Sun into an active and romantic part of your zodiac this week brings a welcomed breath of fresh air. Harmonious Venus, the ruler of your sign, and the Sun, are both dancing through your romance zone to bring you out of nesting mode, and into a period where you are creatively inspired and definitely keen to be entertained. Even though you may still have several lessons to learn concerning home and family affairs, you are more inclined to find your playful side over the next few weeks and allow your flirtatious nature to prevail. Perhaps there is a romance brewing Libra? The stars are certainly doing their level best to facilitate the foundation for one. Dynamic Mars, the planet of action, also changes signs this Sunday, and heads into your communication sector for the next few months, making this an excellent time to sell your ideas in a business situation. It's going to be a busy time in general with lots of errand running and conversation, and you are advised to pace yourself wisely, so that you do not end up exhausted, with your energies scattered in too many directions. Watch your levels for impatience, especially when driving! […]

  • Scorpio

    Dear Scorpion, with so much busyness generated by all the planets in your communication zone, it's a huge relief to have the Sun moving into your home and family arena at last to join Venus. This week you seem to temporarily get a handle on your hectic routines for a while, as Mercury the planet of thought and communication, receives powerful energy from Pluto and Jupiter, affording you insight into the nature of this crazy paced hustle and bustle. This intuition allows you to understand the truth of the matter, which may have been formally hidden. With your home life illuminated by the Sun for a month, you can look forward to embracing your roots, as well as firming up security around the house. You may desire to redecorate at this time, or simply change your curtains, and invite all your dearest friends around for a sumptuous meal. It is time to replenish your energies and enjoy the comfort of your nest. Be mindful of the desire to buy too many glorious home embellishments though. Mars moves into your value zone on Sunday, and as well as affording you added confidence in your own capabilities, this placement can also encourage impulse buying of luxury items. […]

  • Sagittarius

    Dear Centaur, this week there are some fundamental planetary changes occurring that set in motion long overdue change. The Sun left your value zone last Sunday, and spends his first 7 days in your communication sector this week, livening up your intellect and embellishing your verbal expression. There has been so much emphasis on confidence boosting, and earning potential lately with a glut of planets in your value zone, but the time has come to put your new found learnings to the test. Venus, the planet of human relationships is moving in unison with the Sun in this part of your zodiac, and for the next month you can gladly look forward to spending more time and effort on human connection. You may probably find that you are super busy, because the house of communication is known to generate lots of extra admin duties, as well as the opportunity for social functions. Neighbours, friends and siblings may make demands on your time, so don't be surprised at the sudden onslaught of unannounced guests. Mars comes out of hibernation on Sunday as well, and enters your personal sector for several weeks to help you stand your ground. […]

  • Capricorn

    Dear Goat, material affairs have become a sharp focus for you this week as the Sun makes his move into your house of values to join Venus the planet of aesthetic tastes. Your sense of security is heightened now too, and you are drawn to think about that which you value most in life. You may find that you are going to extra lengths to turn over a dollar, and your personal finances are likely to show a beneficial incline if you keep a cool head on your shoulders. There is of course the propensity for serious over spending with these two leading planets in this house, but it's all in the way that you exercise your self control right now Capricorn, so keep it real, and stay strong. Mars is due to shift signs on Sunday, and will enter your spiritual sector for several weeks. This is not a particularly active time for you, as Mars likes to reflect while here, rather than activate change. You may spend a lot of time in contemplation now, and will probably work best on your own. Make sure to have a warm glass of milk before bedtime to alleviate any insomnia. […]

  • Aquarius

    Dear Water Bearer, a little birdie told me that you were looking for a bit of an image upgrade, and I can see this week you have the perfect opportunity to act on your thoughts. The Sun has exited his retreat area to join Venus the planet of beauty and style, who has been keeping his space open for him. This move marks a brand new cycle of the Sun through your horoscope which makes you want to put your best foot forward. That means out with the old and in with the new, and you may already be on your way to get a new outfit or have your hair done. Appearance and personal identity are everything now, with your desire to be seen as the spontaneous and exciting person that you really are. It sure brings some relief to the psyche Aquarius, as you have been brooding over internal concerns for way too long now. You also have the support of Mars who moves into a very energetic and social house for the first time in two years, to propel you back into the game of networking with friends and groups. Tap into your personal goals again, for some new and clear insights. […]

  • Pisces

    Dear Fish, you've been craving some down time, and this week with the Suns move into a very retiring part of your zodiac, your wish has been granted. Your mind may dwell on old friends and places now, and there is also a possibility that you will make some solid life decisions. Situations that are no longer working well in your life may certainly come up for review and consideration. Overall, the next month is an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with yourself, and if this means being a bit reclusive, then so be it. Drive and force are far from your agenda, you would much rather listen to some peaceful music in the privacy of your own home, and company. Almost at the same time, Mars, the planet of action, is entering your professional zone, and although you put lots of effort into your work now, you may go about it in a quiet and determined manner, that brings learning. There is the propensity for a power struggle in a friendship on Wednesday, but with Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, transmitting benevolent energy to Mercury in this arena, I'm thinking that you will deal with this in an open hearted and optimistic way. […]