What’s On: Shake Out Launches Licorice Shake

Go ahead and push those coriander debates aside because Shake Out has just launched a licorice shake set to divide the nation. Love it or hate it, their new controversial treat is available to taste nationwide from 27th April – 7th June 2021.


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Drawing battle lines across the world, licorice has forever been a hot topic but its multi-layer allsorts counterpart continues to be a popular choice for Kiwis across the country.

In celebration of the classic combination, Shake Out has unveilied its latest limited edition shake in partnership with beloved Levin based-brand RJ’s: the Licorice Smallsort shake.

Made up of a triple-layered treat of a pineapple, lime, coconut and NZ soft serve blend base, the shake features an RJ’s licorice layer topped with lime cream, finished off with the RJ’s Licorice Smallsorts themselves. 

Top tip: pull your straw up while you’re drinking the shake to get the full taste of a licorice smallsort in every sip – there’s not a moment to miss (literally!). 

Better yet, Shake Out’s packaging is 100 per cent compostable and they use only premium local ingredients served with signature speed. 

With a fanatical following nationwide, Shake Out stores in Auckland, Palmerston North and Hamilton East will be serving up the new Licorice Smallsort shake so long-time licorice lovers can get a taste of the action. 

So what side of the fence do you stand on? Get in fast, the tasty treat is available for six weeks only. 

WHAT: Shake Out’s new Licorice Smallsort shake

WHEN: From 9am Tuesday 27th April until Monday 7th June

WHERE: Shake Out restaurants nationwide ➡️ https://www.shakeout.co/our-stores 

PRICE: $8.50 

Press release: 27th April 2021, Undertow Media

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